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= Changes =
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Release Name Stage Number Changes
3 Updated Luna Next stack, Added Tweaks application, Implemenented noWindow support for WebAppMgr, Added several mobile optimized websites as application (GMail, YouTube, ...), Added possiblity to permanently install webOS on a device
4 Switch to OE release 1.5 dora, Fix for nodejs, Fix for logging without password
5 Using maliit as input method, Using ofono with rilmodem support from cross project (Ubuntu, Mer, webOS ports) effort, Prelude is back as default font for everything, System UI and Just Type launcher are back and usable (press power key for some longer time), Bug fixes to get Luna Next working on N7, Bigger gesture area, Battery status indicator, Application manager can now launch native applications (try snowshoe in the launcher)
6 Use new QML based browser application instead of snowshoe, Further work to get audio through pulseaudio/alsa working, WiFi is working again, Updated settings application with visual changes for the WiFi panel, Several updates for the Luna Next UI stack
7 No window decoration anymore for native qt applications, Virtual keyboard based on the Ubuntu Touch variant of the Maliit keyboard, Core applications are only using webos-lib instead of webos-ports-lib and webos-lib, Updates to the Luna Next UI stack to fix bugs and improve performance
8 Rebased on new layers (meta-webos, meta-oe, oe-core), Complete rebuild of the whole distribution caused by the rebase
9 Rebased on new layers (meta-webos), Unified names of build artifacts, Connman upgraded to 1.20, qtwebkit no longer depends on MACHINE_ARCH luna-service2
10 Signature fixes to share more components between maguro and grouper builds (TUNE_PKGARCH)., Reworked WiFi part of the system settings application, Extended support for remote web applications, Fixed callback issues with PalmServiceBridge implementation, preware doesn't try to download feeds when no internet connection is available, Several improvements for the system update service
11 luna-service2 is now machine independent which enables us to share a lot more packages between different machines, System update functionality is now implemented and will enable you to update the system through the UI, Suspend is working again (still has minor issues but those will be fixed soon), Relaunching applications is now possible, Several meta data cleanups
12 Updates for preware, memo and pdf applications, Kernel is now automatically updated
13 Rebuilt from scratch, Updates for apps, Recipe cleanup
14 Dev mode implementation, SDL2 support, More gstreamer plugins added for better multimedia support, Finally enabling SWAP space on target device (not emulator), Various bug fixes for application and cardshell, Use correct default wallpaper selected in contest again
15 Qt 5.2.1 update, Small update for meta OE layers from upstream, luna-sysservice changes from upstream, fix for that libhybris/qtwayland patch issue
16 Various improvements for proper suspend handling, Application menu support added to Luna Next Cardshell, Improvements for keyboard to support more languages (spell checking and predictive text) and fix a lot of bugs, Fixed telephony service to not constantly segfault, Bug fixes and UI improvements for cdav synergy connector, First feedback sound implementation in new audio service component
17 Small update from upstream layers
18 Fixed icons for pdf and email apps, Web applications are now resized when keyboard is visible, Fixed problems with system update scripts to post installation steps to next boot
19 Reimplementation of the keymanager service, New media indexer service to warrant compatibility with legacy webOS, Correctly set the application id as application name for luna service calls, Support more media format (mp3, ...) within gstreamer, Hardware keyboard control is now working again within the emulator, Various core app UI improvements to look better on our target devices
20 First tweak support within Luna Next Cardshell, Various UI layout improvements, Media playback (not hardware accelerated) is working now, Improved swipe gestures for the Cardshell, Various bug fixes
21 Various bug fixes and application updates
22 Major suspend handling rework. Not finished yet and device doesn't reliable sleep yet. Will be finished with the next stage, C+Dav synergy connector update, Account service now uses the keymanager for storing credentials again, Rebased on latest upstream meta-webos which brings various components and security updates (such as for openssl), Various component upgrades and bug fixes
Affogato 23 Updates for various system apps, Initial dashboard support in card shell, Rewritten contacts application, Working google contact/calendar sync, Reworked suspend/resume handing, Various bug fixes
24 Switch from OpenEmbedded dora to daisy release as baseline, Using a central Web application manager component instead of a single launcher, New browser application developed from scratch in the tradition of the old legacy browser, Introduction of the new messaging application (no backend integration yet), Fixed not working reboot/shutdown, Improved card stack support (still disabled by default; needs to be enabled via tweaks application), App icon reordering for the quick launchbar which is synchronized into db8 for persistence, Reworked notification API, Universal search manager now uses https URLs by default for all default search providers, Media indexer now generates thumbnails for indexed images, Wallpaper chooser in the settings application now uses the FilePicker component (accesses the media index), All logging is now going through the journald system service. /var/log is not used anymore, Various bug fixes and improvements for the C+DAV synergy connector, Preware now improved settings and app menu, Installing updates when running a testing or unstable build is not possible anymore, Playing audio will not break the audio subsystem anymore, UTC+0 is now the default timezone of the system if user doesn't set another one, Developer mode is now correctly handled and available through the Just type application by entering the konami code from legacy webOS, Various bugs fixed and other improvements to the system, (Nexus 4) WiFi connection are remember accross a reboot now, (Touchpad) Allow to install LuneOS on a LVM partition named luneos-root
25 Rebuild of stage 25 because build agent for stable didn't really updated to what it should build from, Fixed boot-loop introduced with 24, Fixed login issues with c+dav and yahoo, Added missing icon for DuckDuckGo search provider and improved support for search suggestions, Fixed pulseaudio startup on emulator
Antoccino 26 Fixed wrong display contact phone numbers in contacts application, Enabled verbose logging for the WebAppManager by default, Use correct property of album db8 kind to store it's path, Be backwards compatible after we've switched the name of the rootfs directory
27 First version of the new QML based first use application, PIN/password support for the lockscreen, Various bug fixes and improvements for the browser, Memory caches for apps are now cleared when a new version gets installed, Performance overlay support for the compositor which can be enabled from settings app, Various bug fixes and improvements for cdav synergy service, Quota of 5MB for databases of web applications, Support for 64bit emulator, Bug fixes for preware, Enabled verbose logging for WebAppManager by default
Black Eye 28 Back gesture is working again, Various fixes for the first use application, Virtual keyboard is now usable in first use, Fixed non-ASCII characters being mangled in Enyo 1 apps
29 Upgraded Yocto to Dizzy release, Upgrade to beta release of qt 5.4, Upgraded QtWebKit, Mobile data connectivity is working again for N4 and TP4G with Ericsson f5521GW and Sierra MC77x0 (no UI implementation yet), System menu is back, Various UI and app changes, Various fixes for the first use application and Language/Region selection added, TP 4G supported now, PDF App: Using media indexer now, Browser: Now saves icons for bookmarks and launcher shortcut
Black Tie 30 Added high resolution graphics for system menu, Fixed button width bug in First Use application
Breve 31 Initial support for IM and SMS messaging, Mobile data usage is now functional but needs an unlocked SIM card and be manually enabled through the settings app, Extended dashboard support, Location service with WiFi based position source only (using Mozilla's location service; see https://location.services.mozilla.com/), Charger status on Nexus 4 is now correctly detected, Improved image quality in some apps and the card shell, Screen recording support (see https://github.com/webOS-ports/luna-next/pull/93 for details), Backend support for MMS messages, not integrated with LuneOS services, Several meta data cleanups
Americano 32 Split meta-webos-ports layer to meta-luneos and meta-luneui, Several fixes and changes to our way of handling window management, Add spash for windows not loaded yet, Several icons are available in higher quality now and got resized to hit the screen size, Carrier operator name is now shown in the status bar, Splash screen is now handled by the compositor, Window management was reworked to make sure windows are destroyed at the right time, Showing a window is now bound to stageReady state again, New navigator.InAppBrowser API to open in application browser windows for authentication purposes, Privileged applications can now set the allowCrossDomain field in appinfo.json to allow cross domain access, Added functionality to add and edit contact, Added subscription to WiFi status so the system menu will be updated whenever the connection status changes, Prevent applications from being reloaded when they don't require internet connectivity, Fix applications not getting visible because stageReady timer was never fired, Update most apps to latest stable Enyo, Various improvements and bug fixes to messaging services, Mark us as being on puck (touchstone) when any charger is connected to get dockmode visible, Only adjust the focussed window for a visible keyboard, Multi window support for Browser application, Conctact picker for Messaging application, Dock mode implementation with Clocks only (Exhibition Mode will follow), Save new contacts in Contacts application but only locally, Switched to new InAppBrowser for Google OAuth account validator, Various improvements for the C+Dav Synergy connector, SMS messages can now be sent to multiple recipients, Rework webview creation to render launcher always correctly, Fixed kernel crash for Touchpad when accessing specific sites from the browser
Aulait 33 Added contact-lib for common functionality when working with contacts in LuneOS, Added initial support for sensor mananagement, QML Apps: Switch to Lune.Service module for LunaService component, Added initial support for LED, Added initial support for Bluetooth on Nexus 4 (back-end only for now), Calculator app: Minor improvements, File Manager: Update to Enyo, Ported voicecall from Nemo to use in LuneOS, Cleaned up webos-lib to remove duplication with enyo-webos, Fix media indexer to store file name without extension, Add alert service method to display manager, Added telephony-lib for shared telephony functionality, Update C+Dav to 0.3.25, Improved audio service, Calendar app: Enyo 2 version has had some work, but not no back-end implementation yet, Add support for phone app launching from first use (support for PIN window), Phone app: Work ongoing for making initial audio call support work, luna-systemui: Fix restart options, charging status and battery notification handling, FirstUse: Improved timezone layout and ability to show network passphrase, Fixed orientation of keyboard window mask, Add support for QT Quick Controls for QML applications, Added luneos-components to support styling of QML components being used in apps, Contacts app: Added support for contact editing & updating associated contacts, Messaging app: Various minor fixes, Testr: Added new icon, webos-telephonyd: Fixed compiler warnings & cleaned up WAN enabling code, Settings app: Fixed the toggle handling for Telephony, Lune-next: Added proper handling for orientation (no full orientation support available yet), Luna-Next Cardshell: Added support for PIN windows, ability to exit DockMode with gesture bar, layout improvement to system menu and status bar, fixed icon scaling
Bombon 34 Luna-sysservice: Reduced a large number of error messages in logs, Preware: Minor UI tweaks to Settings, Feeds and application dialogs, Settings: Add support for PIN & Password screen lock, Luna-sysmgr-common: Reduced a large number of error messages in logs, Luna-sysmgr-common: Added initial support for LEDs, C+DAV: Updated to 0.3.29, fixing broken Google sync & various other minor fixes, Messaging: Various minor UI fixes, Messaging: Rework of chatthreader and allow sending messages to non-contacts, Luna-next: Added initial support for LEDs, Testr: Added tests for HTML5 Geolocation API, Responsive images (using srcset, SVG and -webkit-image-set), Luna-next-cardshell: Added UI rotation support & rotation lock, Luna-next-cardshell: Added tabbed launcher, including the possibility to drag icons to other tabs. Various options for tab-settings available via Tweaks (including number of tabs, arrows etc). Layout can look like legacy webOS (2.x and/or 3.x), Luna-next-cardshell: Various UI tweaks, mainly related to the lockscreen and it's size, Webos-keyboard: Fixes to make it work correctly with UI rotation, Grouper (Nexus 7 2012 WiFi version) is working again!, Reboot and shutdown are working again
Cubano 35 webos-keyboard: Large rework to have separate layouts for phones & tablets., webos-keyboard: Brought back different keyboard sizes, number row and trackball for tablets., webos-keyboard: Removed all Ubuntu references and cleaned up unneeded files., webos-keyboard: Created Qt Creator test framework to be able to more easily develop on desktop., webos-keyboard: Made keyboard items more flexible by using Units.gu instead of pixel values., Settings: Add search preferences., luna-next: Fix screen recorder state, Messaging: Possibility to delete individual messages via context menu., Testr: Add dashboard tests., qtwayland: Disable mouse grabber as it prevents compositor items from getting press event notifications., FirstUse: Fixed font display bug on emulator., Luna-Next-Cardshell: CardView: improved CardWindowWrapper initiation., Update: Allow updates in testing tree.
Crema 36 Browser: Various bugfixes and support for various dialogs, alerts and popups., Calculator: Various minor improvements., FirstUse: Rewore luna-service calls and added mock data for desktop & added filters in the lists., Preware: A number of minor bugfixes., Settings: Added proper handling of Audio settings., Luna-Next-Cardshell: Fixed various minor bugs., Photos & Videos: Initial app mock., PDF: Updated to pdf.js 1.1.215 pre-release., Testr: Fix bugs in luna-service calls., Tweaks: Fix some cosmetics in banner messages., utilities: Enable bluetooth on Touchpad., webos-keyboard: Added many additional languages and various bugfixes., Audio-service: Fix volume handling., luna-init: Enable all available keyboard languages., luna-webappmanager: Add support of new features like popups, dialogs and alerts.
Olla 37 Browser: Various bugfixes to fix crashes, improve rendering of various pages and add a scroll indicator and use LunaWebView from luneos-components so we can share this with the Enyo webapps., Preware: Add the PivotCE feed (disabled by default)., FirstUse: Move tests to luneos-components, so we can use the a single source for tests on desktop with QtCreator., Virtual Keyboard: Fix minor issues with URL layout for virtual keyboard., Luna-Next-Cardshell: Fix notification handling., Enyo 1.0: Fix faulty spinner, now using Enyo 2.0 variant instead., Accounts/Email: Removed the "Find More" option from HP since it's no longer relevant., luna-sysmgr: Make sure that banners are dealt with properly., luna-qml-launcher: Use the common application description from luna-sysmgr-common., luna-sysmgr-common: Rework the parsing of application description so it's common across various components., luna-appmanager: Use the common application description from luna-sysmgr-common., luna-systemui: Fix charging banner behavior and make sure the sizes adopt properly to different screen sizes., qtwayland: Fixed bug causing incorrect window destruction., luna-next: Use window properties more consistently., luna-webappmanager: Use LunaWebView from luneos-components, luneos-components: Fixed missing image for buttons, fixed ItemSelector for browser & apps, add LunaWebView for sharing the WebView between Browser and Enyo apps. Added test import stubs for use on desktop with QtCreator. Added more flexible approach for website/app database sizes., luna-init: Fixed issues with incorrect timezones and timezone descriptions
Latte 38 Browser: Switched to QtWebEngine instead of QtWebKit., C+DAV: Upgraded to version 0.3.34., Testr: Added support for HTML5 banners/notification (not yet supported by our version of Qt though)., Yocto/OpenEmbedded: Switch from Dizzy to Fido Release (Yocto 1.8), Qt5: Upgrade from Qt 5.4.2 to 5.5, luna-sysmgr: Fixed bug that allowed bypassing PIN/password by connecting USB, webos-keyboard: Made it compatible with Qt 5.5, Settings: Cleaned up timezone handling, luna-next-cardshell: Allow removal of apps from launcher, qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin: Made it compatible with Qt 5.5, qtwayland: Made it compatible with Qt 5.5, luna-next: Made it compatible with Qt 5.5
Marocchino 39 Migrated rendering of Enyo 1/2 apps from QtWebKit to QtWebEngine., Qt5: Upgrade from Qt 5.5 to 5.5.1., QtLocation plugin support so we can use HTML 5 Geolocation., Support Maguro (Galaxy Nexus GSM) again., Fixed audio for Mako (Nexus 4)., Testr: Added tests for responsive images., Browser: Migrated BrowserUtils to QtWebEngine as well., FirstUse: Added support for enabling 3rd party Preware (LuneOS App Catalog) feeds to FirstUse., FirstUse: Switch to use luneos-components and use QtWebEngine instead of QtWebKit., Phone: Migrated to use luneos-components., Tweaks: Fixed broken banner notifications., Calculator: New rotatable layout, that makes full use of QtWebEngine features., Luna-next-cardshell: Made time display in correct format (12/24 hrs), added optional system menu items for devices without hardware power/volume buttons (RaspBerry Pi 2)., Luna-next-cardshell: Hide notifications when pressing the gesture area., Luna-next-cardshell: Work on Bluetooth submenu of System Menu., Clock: Fix sloppy bugs in code that caused problems with alarms., Accounts: Fix references to files that are not available., Contacts: Fix processLaunchParam for Enyo 2.5.1 and webOSjs 1.0.0., luna-webappmanager: Migrated Enyo 1/2 apps to QtWebEngine. Still quite fresh, so looking for feedback on things that don't work., luna-appmanager: Improved handling of a crash in luna-webappmanager so that Power menu and other apps will keep working., luna-init: Added a default keyboard size., luneos-components: Fix fonts on desktop., luneos-components: Add stub component for BT dbus module., luna-qml-launcher: Tweaked behavior for QML apps using QtWebEngine., webos-keyboard: Fixed erratic/non working extended keys on ... keys., downloadmanager: Initial work on a download manager for browser and other system bits., luna-service2: Switched from QtWebProcess to QtWebEngineProcess., luna-sysservice: Fixed error messages due to JSON versions., luna-sysmgr: Standardization of available fields in device specific .conf file., luna-sysmgr: Made sure to remove com.palm.app apps and replace them with org.webosports.app equivalents where available., qtwebengine-chromium: Migration webOS/LuneOS specifics from QtWebKit to qtwebengine-chromium., qtwebengine: Migration webOS/LuneOS specifics from QtWebKit to qtwebengine-chromium., luna-next: Fixed non-working back gesture in Enyo 1 apps., luna-next: Fixed Units and Settings singletons., webos-systemd-services: Correct the ls-hubd_public.service description., webos-telephonyd: Spelling fixes, luna-qml-launcher: Add qtpositioning plugin
Medici 40 Enyo 1.0: Fix high CPU load problem after QtWebEngine migration., Luna-Next-Cardshell: Fixed high CPU issue for performance of DockMode Clocks., QtWebEngine: Enabled Alsa & PulseAudio., Testr: Fix test cases for DashBoards., luna-webappmanager: Implement missing bits for notifications (banners/dashboards) to be compatible with legacy API., luna-webappmanager: Launch Just Type at startup to reduce time when calling it and improve CPU usage., Browser: Migrated BrowserUtils to QtWebEngine as well., Clock: Fixed various bits so now it will actually work., luna-next: Implement missing bits for notifications (banners/dashboards) to be compatible with legacy API., luna-next: Make Tap Ripple/Reticle behave better on various devices., luna-next: Add additional keys to emulator F6-F9 to rotate screen on emulator., luna-next: Add screen edge flick detection (up and down only for now)., luneos-components: Add stub for DeviceKeyHandler., luneos-components: Add support for newly added parameters for notifications to the tests., luneos-components: Add a stub for GestureHandler., Messaging: Add relaunch handling to open incoming message/thread., Messaging: Make sure the new SMS notification is compatible with API changes., Update: Make sure the new update notification is compatible with API changes., luna-sysmgr: Changed the GridUnit value for emulator to 10 instead of 8 pixels. This because Tenderloin (aka Touchpad) uses uses 10 and they share the same resolution., Browser: Bring back ContextMenu., FirstUse: Initial support for IEEE 802.1x (Enterprise Wifi)., webos-connman-adapter: Moved to our own fork instead of using upstream Open webOS., webos-connman-adapter: Migrated patches to commits., webos-connman-adapter: Added initial support for IEEE 802.1x (Enterprise WifI)., Add mp3 codec playback support
Miel 41 activitymanager: Allow 1 minute intervals to solve some issues in logs with db8, enable modem reading again., sleepd: Add alarms.xml file., luna-universalsearchmanager: Fix various memory leaks, make org.webosports.* also privileged like com.palm.* so they can have Just Type actions., luna-next-carshell: Fix removal of notification., Messaging (org.webosports.app.messaging): Handle Just Type launch params (you can now create a new message from Just Type)., Testr (org.webosports.app.testr): Add tests for vibration API., Maps (org.webosports.app.maps): Fix pinch to zoom & panning during pinch-to-zoom (fixes bugs 957 & 1043)., luna-appmanager: Add org.webosports.* apps as trusted apps., luna-init: Add handlers for various filetypes, cleanup no longer used types and fix syntax errors., PDF (org.webosports.app.pdf): Update PDF.js to v1.3.90, add sample files, fix syntax errors, added document rotation and previous/next page buttons., Media Indexer: Setup permissions for legacy apps, so when they're sideloaded they can work. Fixed com.palm.media.audio.file:1 to be compatible with legacy (still missing thumbnail images). Fixed com.palm.media.video.file:1, com.palm.media.image.file:1 and com.palm.media.misc.file:1 to be compatible with legacy., Update (org.webosports.update): Add new update icon., FileManager (org.webosports.app.filemanager): Update to Enyo and latest libs, display filesize in kb, mb, gb etc where needed. Fixed app name from bootplate to it's proper name., Preware: (org.webosinternals.preware): Cleanup of old bits (opkg replaced by ipkg) and preware.org replaced with preware.net., Phone: (org.webosports.app.phone): Major code cleanup, layout tuning & making the app actually work. Added call history, contact lookup & favorites., Settings: (org.webosports.app.settings): Add category icons (fixes bug 1053), added initial Bluetooth support, use default FilePicker for sounds, add initial support for hidden networks., luna-webappmanager: Add support for hidden wifi networks, added resetDeviceList function for Bluetooth., webos-keyboard: Add dismiss & underscore key to phone vkb., C+DAV (org.webosports.service.contacts.carddav): Add access to org.webosports.app.contacts as well just like com.palm.app.contacts., luna-sysmgr-common: Fix lifecycle of json string., luna-sysservice: Fix lifecycle of json string, make subscribe optional for getPreferences, use json-c instead of cjson., app-services: Proper access to org.webosports.app.contacts, fixed globalization issue., luna-systemui: Drop getMigrationStatus since it's not part of Open webOS., LuneOS Components: Add ClippedImage component, Sync ApplicationWindow.WindowType with the ones from LunaNext, Db8Model: add more testing capabilities, fix LS2 registration, improve DB8 stub, use B2G libphonenumber.js.
Milk 42 luna-systemui: Disabled appInstallStatus for now untill we have a working Download Manager, disabled call to com.palm.storage since it's not available., luna-sysmgr-common: Disable RadioType check, return carrierAvailable as true instead of relying on m_radioType., luna-sysgr: Disabled call to postNovacomStatus, enabled ALS for various targets., luna-webappmanager: Don't stop unit if luna-next exits on its own., org.webosports.app.photos: Added Apache 2.0 license., luna-appmanager: Disable call to create FAKEFS since we don't have the JSON file for it anyway., org.webosports.app.testr: Add Apache 2.0 license., luna-init: Change wallpaper location to /media/internal/., org.webosports.app.browser: Moved Tweaks Support to LuneOS Components & add serviceName in the calls to Tweaks., luna-next-cardshell: Add mask for lockscreen background, Moved Tweaks Support to LuneOS Components, Add mipmap for images to improve quality, Fix App Menu display conditions, Add PadLock at proper position & device type dependant, Added lockscreen gradient, Provide visual feedback on screenshot (right swipe), Centralize Tweaks declaration in AppTweaks singleton, WindowManager: Introduce DockMode & LockScreen mode, Sanitized z-indexes & made visual feedback for screenshots working., luneos-components: Add Tweaks.qml & stub values for Tweaks, Add Geocoding support (location lookup based on phone number), Stub compositor: fixed warning., loadable-frameworks: Add support for geocoding., org.webosports.app.settings: Bluetooth improvements for debugging, WiFi code cleanup & support for connecting to hidden networks., qtwayland: Add password delay mask: show input in password fields for 1s before hiding it., org.webosports.app.phone: Rework of call history page & add geocoding support, Added Tweak for dialpad vibration feedback, Use valid phone numbers as fake test data, Improved incoming & active call pages, Added basic USSD support., com.palm.location/org.webosports.location: Upgraded from GeoClue 2.2 to 2.4.1 and using Google Location Services instead of Mozilla as default
Mocha 43 Upgrade from Yocto 1.8 Fido through Yocto 2.0 Jethro to Yocto 2.1 Krogoth., luna-sysmgr: Add .conf files for Raspberry Pi 2/3., nyx-modules: Added config for Raspberry Pi 2/3., qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin: Updated to most recent upstream version., jenkins-jobs: Add supports for Raspberry Pi 2/3., android-property-service: Fix crash in getAllProperties method., webos-keyboard: Make sure settings are saved when they are changed in the virtual keyboard., luna-webappmanager: Various fixes for bluetooth & wifi., luna-next-cardshell: Fix behavior of App Menu and it's opening by gesture., pmcertificatemgr: Big rework & cleanup of Open webOS code (not yet in nightlies due to other components that need updating)., qtwayland: Add a fix to make it work with Qt 5.6., mediaindexer: Populate com.palm.media.audio.album, com.palm.media.audio.genre, com.palm.media.audio.artist & fix com.palm.media.audio.file., qtwebengine: Update to 5.6.0., qtwebengine-chromium: Update to Chromium 45-based for Qt 5.6.0., meta-rpi-luneos: Added layer for Raspberry Pi 2/3 to our repo., meta-raspberrypi: Added layer for Raspberry Pi 2/3 to our repo., wayland: Update to 1.9 from Yocto 2.1 in order to solve Qt 5.6.0 crashes., hunspell-dictionaries: Added dictionaries for various languages, to use with spellchecking & predictive text (Needs to be enabled in Settings and it's still work in progress)., hunspell: Update to 1.3.4., presage: Update to 0.9.1., maliit: Update to more recent upstream., bluez4: Add dbus policy so that Bluetooth headset can connect and route audio., systemd: Disabled fdinfo stat to bypass Mako bootloop., pulseaudio-modules-droid: Make it work with PulseAudio 8., mmsd: Update mssd.service with correct location., pidgin: Update to 2.10.12., qtwebengine: Update configuration so audio works correctly with QT 5.6., keymanager: Disable node-sqlite3 database for now pending rework of various NodeJS bits., C+DAV: Update for compatibility with NodeJS 4.4.x., Keymanager: Update for compatibility with NodeJS 4.4.x., connman: Use recipe from openembedded core directly., qtwebengine: Fix crash on html5test.com and apps using HTML5 databases on ARM devices., FingerTerm: Worked together with people from Mer to have customizations for LuneOS build in. It now uses Prelude as font :).
Tobio 44 luna-webappmanager: Fix initial scaling and viewport for apps., Tweaks: Cleanup of app code and drop no longer used Mojo version., org.webosports.update: Drop unneeded systemd file. Same file was already provided by webos-system-update., org.webosports.app.phone: TelephonyManager: fix debug log., qtwebengine-chromium: Update to latest Chromium 45 based from upstream (13 bugfixes/backports)., qtwebengine: Update to latest 5.6.1 from upstream., nodejs-module-webos-pmlog: Switched to own repo instead of upstream., nodejs-module-webos-dynaload: Switched to own repo instead of upstream & fixed NodeJS 4.x/6.x compatibility., nodejs-module-webos-sysbus: Switched to own repo instead of upstream & fixed NodeJS 4.x/6.x compatibility., mojoloader: Switched to own repo instead of upstream., mojoservicelauncher: Switched to own repo instead of upstream., foundation-frameworks: Switched to own repo instead of upstream & fixed NodeJS 4.x/6.x compatibility., app-services: Add missing mediathumbnail filecache_type., imlibpurpleservice: Various fixes to make it work., utilities: Fix includes for bluetooth in build for Touchpad., luna-next-cardshell: Notifications, don't resize client window too soon., luna-next-cardshell: Fix launchParams to be empty to maintain legacy compatibility., luna-service2: Update to latest from upstream., org.webosports.app.settings: Fix allow roaming toggle., org.webosports.app.settings: Fix the handling of launch params., core-apps: Add access for org.webosports.app.memos to com.palm.note., webos-telephonyd: Make dial method compatible with legacy & improve errorCode reporting., org.webosports.app.tasks: Add initial db8 kind & permissions skeleton for Synergy for tasks., mediaindexer: Fix issue with image albums & memory leaks., luna-appmanager: Fix various warnings that lead to many crashes at boottime., org.webosports.app.contacts: Switched to Enyo 2.7., org.webosports.app.contacts: In contact details pane, tapping on a phone number, email, IM, URL, address, birthday or anniversary attempts to open the apropriate app. Tapping on a relation searches for that name in Contacts., messaging-accounts: Added initial work for IM templates., luneos-default-wallpapers: Fix QA issues during build., connman-conf: install wired-setup to datadir., hunspell: move ispellaff2myspell to separate package., presage: add dependency on ncurses., android-property-service: Add DEPENDS on luna-prefs., org.webosports.service.update: Add RDEPENDS on bash., core-apps: Add RDEPENDS on bash., loadable-frameworks: Add RDEPENDS on bash., lxc: Add RDEPENDS on bash., packagegroup-luneos-development: Bring valgrind back., presage: Fix QA issues., luneos.inc: Add Ubuntu 15.10 and 16.04 to sanity tested distros., geoclue: Add avahi to DEPENDS., sensorfw: Add bash to RDEPENDS., ofono: Add patches to revert Python 3 changes., presage: Implement version independent approach to Python., https-everywhere: Add initial recipe for providing the https rulesets., pidgin: simplify bbappend., qtscenegraph-adaptations: Drop patches & follow upstream directly., lxc: Upgrade to 2.0., pulseaudio-modules-droid: Fix audio on Nexus 4 (Mako).
Touba 45 Calculator (org.webosports.app.calculator): Fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile., Maps (org.webosports.app.maps): Fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile., Browser (org.webosports.app.browser): Fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile, make fullscreen mode behave more properly., luna-applauncher (Just Type): Fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile., luna-systemui (Just Type): Fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile., Preware: Nudge users to enter https feeds instead of http, fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile., Tweaks: Fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile., core-apps: Fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile., Settings: Fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile., Flashlight (org.webosports.app.flashlight): Initial work on an app to play with the leds (not included in images yet)., Testr (org.webosports.app.testr): Added additional banner sound & vibration scenarios., luna-universalsearchmgr: Fix build with libxml-2.9.4., Messaging: When launched handle an URL, parse and use URL, add missind db kinds & permissions for com.palm.app.messagingprefs, com.palm.carrierdb.settings.current, fixed permissions for com.palm.chatthread and com.palm.message, fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile., Contacts (org.webosports.app.contacts): Tapping an IM addr in details sends the IM type, URL and Note editing fields have correct width, Fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile., Phone: Add ringtone management for incoming calls., Fingerterm: Use monospace as font to fix cursor issues., Browser: Make fullscreen mode work more properly (hide space normally used by navigationbar)., Luna-Next-Cardshell: Fix behavior of rotationLock & muteSound, add management for popup overlay type, update Keys.forwardTo on cardRemove, fixed playback of banner sounds, renamed ringtone.wav references to ringtone.mp3, scan assets folder for sounds (used by Enyo 2 apps), launcher doesn't take action on tap gesture, fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile, handle icons, sounds & vibration for banners, dashboards and notifications properly., qtwayland: qwaylandwindow: fix inputDevice for setPopup., imlibpurpleservice: Fixed db kinds & permissions for imbuddystatus, added permissions for both org.webosports.* and com.palm.*, fixed various JSON syntax errors, moved LS2 role file to correct location, made getServiceNameFromCapabilityId generic and removed conversion to and from Mojo-typed usernames., imaccountvalidator: Fix a lot of small things to make things work., audio-service: Fixed type to make sure audio routing works correctly in phone app, messaging-accounts: Updated & fixed IM templates so they work properly., luna-webappmanager: Move handling of icon paths to luna-next-cardshell., Enyo-1.0: Fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile., webos-keyboard: Fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile., luna-next: Add FileUtils plugin to allow checking for file existence in QML, CompositorWindow: add isPopup property to test the Qt window type, Compositor: set the WindowType to Overlay for a popup window, add support for various bits required for proper sound playback through Luna-Next-Cardshell., app-services: Drop use of existsSync since it's deprecated in NodeJS 1.x +, add directory to solve error for contact_linker_plugins., luna-sysmgr-common: Cleanup of whitespace mess., luna-sysmgr: Fixed PNG images with incorrect sRGB profile., nyx-modules: Implement MassStorageMode module, mtp-server: Adjust systemd service configuration for com.palm.storage, stop service when session is closed. Update to newer mtp-server from Ubuntu upstream to make it work with Windows clients and fix a large number of bugs., storaged: Make it work with nyx, added Android udev rules, replaced cjson with json-c, added systemd service configuration & intergrated it into image., pidgin-sipe: Add SIPE IM plugin for IM, whatsapp-purple: Add WhatsApp plugin for IM, purple-skypeweb: Add SkypeWeb plugin for IM, pidgin: Fix issues with ICQ password > 8 chars, drop discontinued MSN support & include Yahoo plugin., binutils: Fix issue with IPKG's containing empty items., qtwebengine-chromium: Various upstream fixes, made Prelude the default font instead of monospace., Preware 2: Use secure (https) feeds where available., org.webosports.service.devmode: Fixed deprecated fs.existsSync calls that aren't compatible with NodeJS 4.x., mojoservicelauncher: Fixed deprecated fs.existsSync calls that aren't compatible with NodeJS 4.x., mojoloader: Fixed deprecated fs.existsSync calls that aren't compatible with NodeJS 4.x., org.webosports.service.downloadmgr: Fixed deprecated fs.exists and fs.existsSync calls that aren't compatible with NodeJS 4.x., keymanager: Fixed deprecated fs.exists calls that aren't compatible with NodeJS 4.x., activitymanager: ConnectionManagerProxy: merge the "wire" activity status into "wifi"., imlibpurpleservice: Made getServiceNameFromCapabilityId generic and removed conversion to and from Mojo-typed usernames., webos-connman-adapter: Drop patches that are not needed anymore from repo. Improved the management of wired interfaces., qtwebengine-chromium: Update to latest Chromium 45 from upstream., qtwebengine: Update to latest from QT 5.6 (August 5, 2016).
Zorro 46 Testr (org.webosports.app.testr): Differentiate between sounds for different tests., Phone (org.webosports.app.phone): Rename ApplicationWindow to LuneOSWindow, Move the Ring management to a dedicated service, PhoneWindow: hide the IncomingCallAlert window when the call is ended, RingManager: little cleanup, Tests: move Meego.QOfono and org.nemomobile.voicecall to luneos-components, RingManager: get ringtone from preferences., C+DAV (org.webosports.service.contacts.carddav): Add access for all com.palm.* apps (fixes issues with adding a C+Dav account from Calendar app)., Browser (org.webosports.app.browser): Add proper fullscreen mode call to cardshell, Allow "about:"-urls, Rename ApplicationWindow to LuneOSWindow, Refactor code, Remove some useless top-level properties, Reorganize panels, Refactor SearchSuggestions related code, HistoryPanel: switch to Db8Model, AppTweaks: fix invalid tweaks key, Split util.js and create dedicate models for history & bookmarks, Move subcomponents in their own directory, There is no "states" on a Quick Window, Remaining fixes after refactoring, Fix suggestion list overlapping action tooltip, Fix size of cut/copy/paste tooltip, Also show search suggestions if default search is set, Fix fullscreen behavior after rework, NavigationBar: use onClicked instead of onPressed/onReleased, Use WebEngineView's contextual menu, BrowserWebView: rely on WebEngine to open new cards, Cleanup unneeded js files, fixed behavior of progress bar after rework., Clock (core-apps, com.palm.app.clock): Minor code cleanup., FirstUse (org.webosports.app.firstuse): Show WiFiPage only on device with WiFi, Fix connecting to open networks from FirstUse, fix incorrect timezone selection & code cleanup, added time format selection & minor layout tweaks, fix handling for DST., Messaging (org.webosports.app.messaging): Add soundClass notifications for the notification so we have sound playback on incoming messages., qtwebengine-chromium: Update to latest from upstream (30-Aug-2016)., luna-qml-launcher: Add $QT_IMPORT_QML/LunaWebEngineViewStyle as an import path to allow overloading of the QML definition of the UIDelegates of the WebEngineView instances., luneos-components: Use new luna://org.webosports.luna/enableFullScreenMode service, Add stub call for device info, Fix typo in battery_challenge, Rename ApplicationWindow to LuneOSWindow, Small fixes to remove warnings, Tests: move Meego.QOfono and org.nemomobile.voicecall to luneos-components, Tests: add hardcoded com.palm.db/find result for com.palm.browserpreferences:1, Db8Model: cancel running LS2 call upon destruction, QtWebEngine: add our overload of the WebEngineView UI Delegates, Components: remove useless ContextMenuExtras, Add proper results for com.palm.browserpreferences & region. Additional preference call stub results & timezone table update., qtwebengine: Update to latest from upstream Qt 5.6 (03-Sep-2016), fix crashes on new windows, added custom styled context menu., luna-next: Add fileUtils to check for existence of files from QML., FreeImage: Fix compatibility with GCC 6.0., luna-webappmanager: Implement PalmSystem.enableFullScreenMode., luna-sysservice: Fix typo in battery_challenge, imlibpurpleservice: Make getServiceNameFromCapabilityId generic, LibPurpleAdapter: remove conversions to and from Mojo-typed usernames, Add com.palm.config.libpurple db kind & permissions, Remove all hard-coded SERVICENAME_xxx occurrences, Add config management and refactor code, IMServiceHandler: merge implementations for onCreate and onDelete, Fix purple's config dbkind, messaging-accounts: Update templates to have onCreate and onDelete, cleanup of duplicate suffixes., luna-next-cardshell: Add a LS2 service enableFullScreenMode to let apps require fullscreen mode, CardView: fix fullscreen mode for apps, Add body to the notifications, close notifications after launching app, added clock to lockscreen, fixed banners showing incorrect : at the end., nyx-lib: Added systemd target file., nyx-modules: Wait for touchscreen device before reaching nyx.target., webos-systemd-services: LunaSysMgr: wait for nyx.target.
Ca 47 Browser (org.webosports.app.browser): Move browser parts used elsewhere as well to LuneOS Components, update Top Level Domain list, don't set the useragent in the browser itself, but through LuneOS Components instead, dropped Checkbox, reworked browser settings toggles and hooked them up, fixed spelling & fixed vkb toggle button., FirstUse (org.webosports.app.firstuse): Fix checkbox & password character the proper way., Maps (org.webosports.app.maps): Unify layout of toggle with QML & Enyo 1., Messaging-Accounts: Don't show empty options in UI but maintain them in backend for compatibility., Preware (org.webosinternals.preware): Add systemd service file., Settings (org.webosports.app.settings): Unify layout of toggle with QML & Enyo 1., Testr (org.webosports.app.testr): Adds test of window.webkitRequestFileSystem(), Clarifies success message for webkitRequestFilesystem() test, Changes File API test to write file, and improves error reporting, Unify layout of toggle with QML & Enyo 1, Move things to subfolders for clearer structure, File APIs: added test: delete all, File APIs: tweaked "write file" test, to allow for overhead., org.webosports.app.tasks: Fix syntax error in com.palm.tasklist., mediaindexer: com.palm.media.misc.file: Fix syntax error, mediaindexer.service: Make sure we start only after configurator., luna-applauncher: Fix the input not working when multiple lines., luneos-components: Add UserAgent handling to LuneOS Components, Set httpUserAgent in the WebEngineView already, Add stub values for db/merge, UniversalSearch & Browser Prefs, Test NotificationManager: add missing iconPath property to notif object., luna-service2: Add systemd service files., webos-connman-adapter: Add systemd service file., filecache: Add systemd service file., db8: Switch to own fork, tempdb.conf: Fix syntax error, mediadb.conf: Fix syntax error, maindb.conf: Fix syntax error, Add systemd service file & script, Add com.palm.mediapermissions service as admin for maindb (applied patch directly to our fork)., powerd: Add systemd service file, replace cjson with json-c (applied patch directly to our fork)., activitymanager: Add systemd service file, Fix build with newer boost 1.58.0 (applied patch directly to our fork)., sleepd: Add systemd service file., luna-universalsearchmgr: Added & renamed systemd service file., luna-sysservice: Drop patch that's no longer needed, added & renamed systemd service file., luna-next: Remove unused signal, make sure we use the new names for luna-sysmgr and luna-appmanager service files., luna-webappmanager: Drop UserAgent bits and use the ones from LuneOS Components instead, Only set userAgent when it's provided in appinfo.json, Formatting cleanup, Fix issue with reloading the webView, Start LunaWebAppManager with --allow-file-access-from-files, Rename systemd service file., qtwebengine-chromium: FIXUP: Improve path handling in gyp's ninja generator, [Backport] Include CoreBluetooth.h from files that need it, Detect more ARM FPU models., configurator: Switch to own form, replace cjson with json-c (applied patch directly to our fork), Add systemd service files., luna-sysmgr: launcher-conf.schema: Fix syntax error, Update launcher apps, Added & renamed systemd service file, Rename the luna-sysservice service file, Launcher: moves test apps to Prefs tab, and Preware to Downloads, restructure repository layout & added com.palm.contextupload db kind & permissions., qtwebengine: Update to latest from upstream Qt 5.6 (28-Sep-2016), Implement RequestQuotePermission., core-apps: com.palm.calendarevent: Fix syntax error, disable call to non existing com.palm.accountservices (Palm Profile service). Add high resolution launcher icons for Calendar app., mojoloader: Disable require of deprecated sys., luna-appmanager: Provide an errorText for non existing apps for launch & open, Run app-install even though we don't have a proper cryptofs setup, Added & renamed systemd service file, Run configurator for Activities after First Use & Local Profile creation, Pass correct parameters for clearMemoryCaches call., webos-systemd-services: LunaSysMgr.service: Make sure we start only after configurator, moved the majority of systemd service files to their individual components., luna-next-cardshell: Cleanup: fix some QML interpreter warnings, NotificationArea: fix notification removal, CardView: have a snappier card swiping behavior, CardView: realign the card if the height of the CardView changes, CardView: use a simple Flickable instead of a ListView for card swiping, CardView: fix swipe-down scenario, CardView: keep size bindings when initializing card delegate, added card spreading gestures., qtquickcontrols: Drop patch for setting password character that now part of standard QT., storaged: Add RDEPENDS on bash., app-services: Add additional dirs to avoid configurator warnings, add additional paths to fix more warnings, add the /var/palm/data/com.palm.appInstallService/ folder. , packagegroup-luneos-extended: Add phone infrastructure to all targets., luneos-emulator.ovf: Configure serial ports correctly., luna-init: Fixed various issues with region & locale files, updated default-dock-positions to use the org.webosport.* variant of the apps.
Cappuccino 48 luna-next-cardshell: LaunchBar: Let Phone app depend on Settings.tabletUi instead, fix arrangement of icons like legaycy, CardView Correctly center the current card/group in the screen, CardView: take spread value from card group model, CardView: fix some issues when maximizing a card from a stack, CardView: Implement pinch-to-zoom on a single card, Notifications: Use the same swiping logics as for cards, LaunchBar: Dynamically populate icons & update application JSON files, LaunchBar: Have usefull apps for desktop testing, LaunchBar: Use a common ApplicationModel instance for all the launchers, CardView: avoid artefacts after card swiped out, LaunchBar.qml: Don't use asc: true since it's invalid, fix default-app-icon.png artifacts., build: Corrected upload path for builds., Contacts (org.webosports.app.contacts): Allow searching in Favorites, as in webOS 1.x and 2.x, cleanup of un-needed controls, width of search field is limited to about 14 characters, Tweaks visuals, increase targetWidth or search field. Added Enyo 2.5 People Pick from Messaging for future use., FirstUse (org.webosports.app-firstuse): Various graphic improvements 2, use #4db2ff as link color., Messaging: org.webosports.app.messaging: Fix empty PalmSystem.launchParams, Use 13 digit Javascript timestamp to be legacy compatible, Fix JSON syntax errors & add contacts mock data, ThreadView.js: Fix Uncaught TypeError, Refactors and removes unused files, in preparation for Enyo 2.7., Preware (org.webosinternals.preware): Refactors global functions & vars into local, removes unused code & generally cleans up., qtwebengine-chromium: add missing include, fix detection of MSVC 2015 Express, fix accessibility crash on view destruction, when a popup is open., webos-telephonyd: com.palm.mmsmessage:1 db kind & permissions for com.palm.& apps., qtwebengine: Update to latest from upstream 5.6 (22-Nov-2016)., messaging-accounts: Update Yahoo template for new plugin, removed unneeded logging, removed MySpaceIM template., jenkins-job.sh: Show number of openssl archives before and after sstate-cache-management.sh, add few more extra archs to sstate cleanup., luna-sysmgr: Add default-dock-positions for filling QuickLaunch Bar., luna-webappmanager: BluetoothManager: Add paringDone function., qtsensors-sensorfw-plugin: Update to latest QT 5.6.2 code., luneos-components: Return locale as well while subscribing, add missing apps to test data, Test apps list: fix icon paths and ids to get correct launchers., meta-webos-ports: mojomail: drop patches and move to own fork, qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin: switch to upstream and add rotation patch, sensorfw: Update to latest upstream (30-Oct-16), nemo-qml-plugin-dbus: Switch to mer git and bump SRCREV, mobile-broadband-providers-info: update to latest from upstream (02-Nov-2016), lxc: Update to 2.0.5, libhyrbis: update to latest from upstream (02-nov-16), https-everywhere: update to latest from upstream, hunspell-dictionaries: update to latest, hunspell: Update to 1.4.1, python-tz-native: Update to 2016.7, uriparser: Update to 0.8.4, Update Preware feed for Feedspider and use secure URL, purple-skypeweb: Update to latest from upstream (19-Dec-16), funyahoo-plusplus: Add recipe, More robust building & cleaner logging of enyo-dev apps, imaccountvalidator: Add new Yahoo plugin & remove old ones, imlibpurpleservice: Add new Yahoo plugin & remove old ones.
ChaiLatte 49 meta-rpi-luneos: Fix build issues., jenkins-jobs: Add Hammerhead as target v2.3.9., org.webosports.messaging: Conversion to Enyo 2.7, package.json: Add missing icon.png, replaced Contact Picker with Address Picker, Renamed AddrModel to MsgAddrModel, Made Message Address Search list more compact (Mojo-style), return addr picker dynamically populated in threadview, fix back gesture, unified use of guillemets., org.webosports.app.contacts: Fixed bug where first IM address wouldn't have type, updated messaging service picker to align with supported account types, removed obsolete entries., webos-telephonyd: telephonyservice_sms.c: Use timestamp in milliseconds for legacy compatibility., luna-sysmgr: autoCompletion->autoCorrection., webos-keyboard: autoCompletion->autoCorrection, fix various typos mSpellchecing -> mSpellchecking., luna-init: autoCompletion->autoCorrection., org.webosports.app.settings: Clarify keyword: AutoCompletion->AutoCorrection., pulseaudio-modules-droid: fix build when using android-headers from Ubuntu., qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin: fix build for 4.4.2 with Ubuntu's android headers., nyx-conf: add hammerhead configuration., luneos-package: use KERNEL_IMAGETYPE for the image name., initramfs-boot-android: improve initrd's kernel logging., luna-sysmgr-conf: externalize machine-specific configuration files., nyx-modules: externalize machine-specific configuration files., luna-next-conf: add hammerhead environment file., luna-sysmgr-conf: have better GridUnit for hammerhead., VoiceCall: Update to latest from upstream (28-Jan-2017), pulseaudio-modules-droid: Update to latest from upstream (28-Jan-2017), sensorfw: Update to latest from upstream (28-Jan-2017)., mobile-broadband-provider-info: Switch to Mer variant & bump SRCREV., qtbase_git.bbappend: Use += for PACKAGECONFIG_DISTRO., hunspell: removed from meta-webos-ports using the one from meta-openembedded instead., libhybris: Bump SRCREV, together with fixes for issues., Add qtubuntu-camera as backend.
ColdBrew 50 qtubuntu-camera: add missing dependencies for Qt., packagegroup-luneos-extended: put the camera recipes in LIBHYBRIS_RDEPENDS., mobile-broadband-provider-info: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM., qtbase_git.bbappend: Use += for PACKAGECONFIG_DISTRO., hunspell: remove - it is in meta-oe., mesa: do not move around libGLESv2.so., qtvideo-node: Use webOS-ports repository., meta-webos-ports: Add org.webosports.app.camera and the camera infrastructure packages., org.webosports.app.testr: Adds test of HTML5 camera API (navigator.mediaDevices); Removes erroneous component from HTML5 camera test; Camera test works correctly with portrait video; HTML5 camera test: adds list of user media devices & requests rear camera, org.webosports.app.camera: Initial app writen from scratch in QT.
cortado 51 meta-smartphone: linux-lg-hammerhead: fix some minor defconfig values, meta-smartphone: android-system: only start after main partitions are mounted, meta-smartphone: android-system-image: make "symbols" directory optional, meta-smartphone: android-headers-tenderloin: use API 22, patched to match tenderloin specific content, meta-smartphone: linux-hp-tenderloin: use a 3.4 kernel, meta-smartphone: android-system-image-tenderloin: use a Halium 5.1 based Android build, meta-smartphone: android-system-image-tenderloin: Fix checksums, meta-smartphone: linux-hp-tenderloin: bump SRCREV, meta-smartphone: android-system-image-tenderloin: update Android image, pulseaudio-modules-droid: migrate to PulseAudio 10.0, systemd: Disable ProtectHome and ProtectSystem for old kernels, ofono: Use Mer's 1.19 and include fix, libhybris: test_hwcomposer: add support for newer hwcomposer versions, pulseaudio-modules-droid: match build flag for audio.h header, libhybris: bump SRCREV and remove unneeded patches, pulseaudio-modules-droid: define QCOM_HARDWARE, pulseaudio-distro-conf: for tenderloin, avoid loading the alsa module, purple-skypeweb: Update to 1.4 release, yocto: Update from Krogoth to Pyro Release, bitbake: Update from 1.30 to 1.34, preware: Fix Panel behavior in landscape, luna-next-cardshell: Notifications: separate view and model, Initial work on tablet style statusbar, Fix NotificationAreaTablet height, StatusBar: fix tablet TweaksClock visibility
decaf 52 FirstUse (org.webosports.app.firstuse): Use QtQuickControls 2.0 and LuneOS styling; Change LuneOSStyle to LuneOS; NetworkConnectPage: fix Connect button; Convert WifiPage and NetworkConnectPage to QtQuickControls 2; NetworkConnectpage: fix focus handling; FeedsPage: improve layout, Testr (org.webosports.app.testr): Adds Web Components platform tests, Browser (org.webosports.app.browser): Add precompiled files to gitignore; BrowserWebView: begin adaptation for Qt 5.8; BrowserWebView: fix for contextual menu; Migrate to QtQuickControls2 and simplify code; BrowserWebView: improve handling of load errors; appjson: Activate LuneOS style for QtQuickControls2; Quit when a main QNL file can't be loaded; AppMenu: use LuneOSMenu attached property; Fix SearchSuggestion appearance; Fix dialogs sizes; SettingsPage.qml: Fix undefined errors; NavigationBar.qml: Fix UserAgent overrides again; NavigationBar.qml: Make sure we override useragent for history & bookmark items too, luna-systemui: Adjust the PowerOffAlert popup height to 30 units, luna-next-cardshell: Adapt for Qt 5.8, LunaSysAPI: fix displayOn/Off; CardView: simplify pinch-to-zoom, luna-webappmanager: Migrate to Qt 5.8; main: add options for disabling advanced sandboxing; Fix WebEngine UserScript includes; Option to disable OpenGL ES3 in Chromium; WebApplicationWindow: remove mLaunchedHidden; Revert "Option to disable OpenGL ES3 in Chromium"; Revert "main: add options for disabling advanced sandboxing", luneos-components: QtQuickControls2: fix .pro module for QML files; QtQuickControls2: change style name to LuneOS; QtQuickControls2: add images to qmake's project; QtQuickControls2: HighDPI compatible Button and Switch; QtQuickControls2: prepare Hi-DPI tests; TabButton: add possibility to put an image as content; LuneOSWindow: now inherits ApplicationWindow from QuickControls2; QtQuickControls2: improve layout for some components; QtQuickControls2: add appMenuStyle for Menu; LuneOS.Components: merge deployment.pro and add missing qml file; QtQuickControls2: TextField: improve background; UserAgent.qml: Update QtWebEngine & Chrome version; UserAgent.qml: Make sure all urls are lowercase before we start to do anything, luna-appmanager: Add dummy logCrashRegisterContext for aarch64, luna-sysmgr: DisplayManager: always turn off backlight before blanking hwc; DisplayManager: shorten the powermenu timeout to 1.5s; Add dummy logCrashRegisterContext for aarch64, nyx-modules: keys: treat KEY_HOMEPAGE as HOME key; nyx-modules: Add cmake file for qemux86-64; nyx-modules: Add cmake file for qemux86-64; Remove machine specific cmake files; Remove machine specific cmake files II, db8: MojConfig.h: allow to build for aarch64 (raspberrypi3-64) , android_luneos_hal: Switch to Halium 5.1; tenderloin: fix vendor patch; Apply_patches: abort previous git am in case of failure; hardware/libhardware: revert patch for QCOM_BSP, android: First commit based on Halium-5.1, with support for TP and N5; Add mako and simplify remotes; Fix mako repo; Add luneos-hal repo, to patch the vendor trees; wop_targets.xml: Update repos to webos-ports; wop_targets.xml: Update branch from wop-12.1 to halium-5.1; wop_targets.xml; Fix comment for luneos-hal, meta-rpi-luneos: raspberrypi2: prefer linux-raspberrypi 4.9.%; raspberrypi3: add config for raspberrypi3 and raspberrypi3-64 from meta-raspberrypi; systemd: Don't override whole USERADD_PARAM, luna-next: Migrate code to Qt 5.8; CompositorWindow: focusOnClick=false for overlays; Fix window deletion; Compositor: make hasProcessMultipleWindows more robust; Compositor: make window deletion more robust; Don't use unimplemented SendFullKeyEvent; CompositorWindow: wait for window type to be set; Compositor: remove Qt's version from includes; compositor: add a default output mode; compositor: use QtKeyExtensionGlobal, android_hardware_qcom_display-caf: ionalloc: if alloc failed, don't trust errno, qtsensors-sensorfw-plugin: Update to latest 5.8 code, core-apps: core-apps: Add initial missing bits for running & debugging properly; Add mock account templates and point to right path; com.palm.app.notes: Add mock data; com.palm.app.calendar: Add mock for new events; com.palm.app.calendar: Make -webkit-border-image work with Chromium 51 and higher; com.palm.app.clock: Various minor fixes & mock data; com.palm.app.clock: Make -webkit-border-image work with Chromium 51 and higher; com.palm.app.contacts: Make -webkit-border-image work with Chromium 51 and higher; com.palm.app.notes: Make -webkit-border-image work with Chromium 51 and higher; com.palm.app.email: Make -webkit-border-image work with Chromium 51 and higher; com.palm.app.email: Remove duplicated code in 2-folder; com.palm.app.accounts: Add mock data for desktop debugging, enyo-1.0: Make -webkit-border-image work with Chromium 51 and higher; Revert back to original Enyo 1.0 spinner; util.js: Fix libPath for testing on desktop, meta-smartphone: mako, hammerhead, tenderloin: use kernel sources from shr-distribution/linux.git and fix build with gcc-7; hammerhead kernel: delay wifi init; android-system-image-*: skip already-stripped QA; mako,hammerhead,tenderloin: use our Halium image; android-system-image-mako: fix install script; android-system-image-tenderloin: fix checksums; hammerhead, mako, tenderloin: Use Halium image built with Ports repos; libhybris: fix tenderloin build flags; android-system-image-tenderloin: bump PV; android-system-image: Add symbolic link for wifi; android-system-image-mako: fix typo, meta-qt5: Update to Qt 5.9.2 including QtWebEngine based on Chromium 56., meta-webos-ports: qtscenegraph-adaptation: Adapt for 5.8 and use mer-project repo; qtwebengine: adapt to Qt 5.8; qtwayland: adapt to Qt 5.8; packagegroup-luneos-extended: disable camera bits; libconnman-qt5: bump to version 1.2.3; luna-next: switch to Qt 5.8 version; luna-next-cardshell: switch to Qt 5.8 version; luna-webappmanager: switch to Qt 5.8 version; luneos-components: switch to Qt 5.8 version; qtwebengine: remove a patch harmful for Qt 5.8 version; qtwebengine: Fix a crash in PalmServiceBridge; leveldb-tl: fix build with gcc7; pidgin-sipe: Update to 1.22.1; pidgin: Update to 2.12.0; libotr: Update to 4.1.1; pidgin: Add patches to local build pending upstream upgrade; libotr: Add patches pending update in upstream; qtwebengine: add patch to disable some sandboxing; luneos-components: add qtquickcontrols2 dependency; qtwayland: fix window mask; qtsensors-sensorfw-plugin: Update to QT 5.8; qtsensors: correct path for sensors config file; luneos-components: add QtQuickControls2 support; libpng: Add to meta-webos-ports layer since oe-core version is broken; qtwebengine(-chromium): Migrate to QT 5.9 and Chromium 56; qtwayland: Upgrade to QT 5.9; nyx-conf: add event0 to the keys managed by nyx.; luna-webappmanager: Updates for QT 5.9; luna-sysmgr-conf: Add luna-platform.conf for qemux86-64; presage: fix build with gcc-7; packagegroup-luneos-development: drop mdbus2; lxc=v2.0.8; nyx-modules: Add qemux86-64 file; qtwebengine: Add -embedded configuration; qtubuntu-camera: fix and re-enable camera related recipes; luneos.inc: don't restrict QEMU_TARGETS; sdl2-opengles-test: build only gles2 version for rpi; qtwebengine: add LuneOS specific switches; ofono: fix QA issue; qtubuntu-camera: fix few issues; nyx-modules: add cmake file also for raspberrypi3-64; luneos.inc: fix UVESA_MODE; qtwebengine: fix crash with WebGL2 textures; luna-next-conf: qemu*: workaround for mouse pointer; luneos-emulator-appliance: use virtio-net for Ethernet; jemalloc: fix build for aarch64 (raspberrpi3-64); nyx-modules: bump SRCREV and fix build for MACHINEs with dash in name; db8: bump SRCREV to fix build for aarch64 (raspberrypi3-64); node-gyp-native: fix incorrect symlink; pmcertificatemgr: fix u-a config; crash-handler: fix ldflags QA issue; sdl2-opengles-test: fix ldflags QA issue; luneos-emulator.ovf: Fix Adapter Type to virtio; qtscenegraph-adaptation: Drop patch & bump SRCREV; qtscenegraph-adaptation: fix URI; mako: avoid loading conflicting Alsa driver; environment.conf: Add QT_QPA_EGLFS_INTEGRATION=none; pulseaudio-distro-conf: use MACHINE_ARCH; pmcertificatemgr: drop webos_machine_impl_dep inherit; meta-luneos: exclude ofono-conf from signatures as abi safe; core-apps: drop allarch; org.webosports.service.update: drop allarch; loadable-frameworks: drop allarch; cordova: inherit allarch; luneos.inc: apply uvesafb config and vboxvideo blacklist also to qemux86-64; qtwayland: Fix QtKeyExtensionGlobal's export; qtubuntu-camera: fix missing .qmake.conf; qtsensors: From Qt 5.9, settings follow XDG standard paths.;ofono-conf: Make sure we don't use RIL on qemu; systemd: Add patch to disable "Failed to set invocation ID on controlgroup";qtwebengine: Add /usr/lib/chromium already, bitbake: cooker: add BB_CMDLINE to enable access to UI command line with memres; cooker.py: Fix layer priority processing; toaster: recipe links broken for default layers; toaster: edit column list not sorted; toaster: set default pokydirname if no external layers; toaster: debug message for lists layers missing separators; toaster: Order column in Tasks selectable; toaster: display error when the fstype select is empty; cooker: ensure monkey-patching in collect_bbfiles() gets undone on error; cooker: fix watching empty directories; cooker: Track directories searched for bbappend/bb files; toaster: noweb should init database; toaster: get_last_build_id not called correctly; toaster: add getMessage to MockEvent; toaster: fail on layers with sub-layer; toaster: add ID's to build menu links; toaster: add ID's to navigation links, openembedded-core: image.bbclass: Sorted ctypes to avoid basehash error; gcc-6.3.inc: Use ucontext_t not struct ucontext; linuux-yocto/4.1: update to 4.1.43 plus bluetooth CVE-2017-1000251; libproxy: use stable download URL; linux-yocto/4.9: bluetooth: CVE-2017-1000251; linux-yocto/4.4: bluetooth: CVE-2017-1000251; linux-yocto/4.10: bluetooth: CVE-2017-1000251; linux-yocto/4.9: update to v4.9.49; linux-yocto/4.4: update to v4.4.87; (PRE)MIRRORS: fix pattern for npm:// without slash; waffle: fix REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES and PACKAGECONFIG virtual/libgl dependencies; rootfs-postcommands: add test for unsatisfied RRECOMMENDS; rootfs-postcommands: remove empty line; rootfs-postcommands.bbclass: Filter out dangling symlinks in ssh_allow_empty_password(); alsa-utils: Do not hardcode path to /lib/udev; package_rpm.bbclass: disable generation of .build-id links; package_rpm.bbclass: use multithreaded xz compression; rpm: allow arch-dependent binaries in noarch packages; bitbake.conf: add bzr to HOSTTOOLS_NONFATAL; glibc-locale: add runtime dependency on glibc; Revert "expat: Don't use getrandom() in the -native case"; grub: Fix build with gcc7; staging: Fix a logic error which caused dependency removal; staging: Ensure dependencies are removed before being added; staging: Avoid sysroot removal races; classes/license: drop erroneous sha256 parameter in LIC_FILES_CHKSUM; linux-yocto/4.4: update to v4.4.85
doppio 53 org.webosports.app.settings: add QML variant, Enable manual time and date in Settings, org.webosports.app.settings-qml: add "about" settings, Add all possible apps to recipe, Bump SRCREV, Change about to deviceinfo, org.webosports.cdav: Add CLEANBROKEN, luna-{sysmgr,sysmgr-common,appmanager,next}, mediaindexer: fix build with Qt 5.11, luna-{webappmanager,qml-launcher} org.webosports.app.{browser,firstuse}: fix build with Qt 5.11, luna-next-cardshell: add runtime dependency on qtmultimedia-qmlplugins, luneos-components, luneos-components: drop build time dependency on qtwebengine, switch to Mer's bluezqt, luna-next: Add config for onyx, Add QT_OPENGL_NO_BGRA and remove QT_ENABLE_GLYPH_CACHE_WORKAROUND, android-gadget-setup: fix functionfs test, android-tools: fix compatibility with adb 5.1.1, android-tools-conf: Fix the machine check, Don't patch script for tenderloin, base-files: provide a common fstab for all LuneOS devices, bluez: switch from bluez4 to bluez5, bluez5: Fix patch so it will work for RaspberryPi3, make firmware search case insensitive, connman: Add connman-tools, connman-tests and connman-wait-online, Update to 1.35, distro: luneos: switch release name to Doppio, environment.conf: Add QT_ENABLE_GLYPH_CACHE_WORKAROUND=1, fingerterm: Update to upstream and drop patch, use LiberationMono font, funyahoo-plusplus: Bump SRCREV, https-everywhere: Bump SRCREV, hunspell-dictionaries: Update to latest version, imaccountvalidator, imlibpurpleservice: Drop unsupported protocols, initramfs-boot-android: add A/B partition support, boot into built-in recovery when no skip_initramfs, get Halium's init script from GitHub, improve panic scenario in init.sh, use /userdata instead of /android/userdata, Various fixes to init.sh, kf5bluezqt-mer: fix package content with empty QT_DIR_NAME, libconnman-qt5: fix initial value of "connected" property, libhybris, qtbase: don't use += together with _append, libhybris: Bump SRCREV, Set --enable-arch=arm64 for aarch64, Drop --with-default-hybris-ld-library-path and bump SRCREV, libpbnjson: use Unix Makefils OECMAKE_GENERATOR, lsb: fix luneos-version content, luna-(web)appmanager: use /etc/luna-next/qtwebengine.conf, luna-init, luna-sysmgr: Bump SRCREV and adjust file installs, luna-init: Fix incorrect {, Install CustomerCareNumber.txt and cust-preferences.txt, luna-prefs-data: Bump PV to be in sync with luna-prefs, luna-sysmgr: Cleanup recipe, luna-sysmgr-conf, nyx-modules: fix rosy values, Add initial files for athene and onyx target, Cleanup recipe and fixup defaultPreferences-platform.txt, luna-universalsearchmgr: inherit webos_systemd, luna-webappmanager: bump SRCREV, luneos.inc, connman: Build & deploy VPN plugins, luneos: inherit remove-libtool, luneos: update SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS, luneos-dev-image: tell Halium to mount rootfs rw, luneos-emulator-appliance: update a bit, luneos-features, connman: Add support for NFC using neard, luneui-example-image: add few more packages, add more packages for testing, add vboxguestdrivers, v86d, add very small (fast to build) test image, maliit-framework-qt5: set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR in conf file, meta*: enable gbm, meta-webos-ports: Add configuration files for Tissot, meta-webos-ports: Update classes with info from webOS OSE, mido, tissot: Fix path for CHARGER_AC_SYSFS_PATH, mido: Initial configuration files, mobile-broadband-provider-info: Bump SRCREV, mojomail: bump SRCREV to fix build with boost-1.67.0, Switch back to webOS-ports/master branch, nemo-qml-plugin-dbus: Update to latest version from upstream, fix package content with empty QT_DIR_NAME, node-sqlite3: Bump version, nyx-conf: do not let keys module watch over the touchpanel, nyx-modules: Fix devices names in cmake files, ofono: Update to latest version from upstream and enable Python 3 tests, onyx: Enable power button, packagegroup-luneos-development: include QML settings app, packagegroup-luneos-extended: add android-kernel-bootimg, Add qtconnectivity, Add WIP targets and more documentation, Build bluez5 for all targets, include libpci for qemux86, move android-kernel-bootimg, phonesim: Fix build with empty QT_DIR_NAME, refresh patches with devtool, update to latest revision from git, pidgin-sipe: backport a patch to fix build with gcc8, pulseaudio-distro-conf: Add support for Xiaomi A1 (tissot), Add webos-system.pa for mido target, pulseaudio-modules-droid: bump to 10.0.73, refresh patches with devtool, remove tenderloin CFLAGS, purple-skypeweb: Bump SRCREV, python-tz-native: Update to 2017.2, Fix typo in SRC_URI, qt5: upgrade to 5.11, upgrade to 5.11.1, qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin: fix package content with empty QT_DIR_NAME, hwcomposer_backend.h: Fix cast from 'void*' to 'unsigned int', remove tenderloin CFLAGS, qtbase: Add patch to fix quirks with newer Adreno GPU's, refresh patches, remove TLS patch on Halium 7.1 targets, temporary fix for SIGBUS crash on Android devices, qtlocation: refresh patch, qtscenegraph-adaptation: Bump SRCREV, qtsensors-sensorfw-plugin: fix build with empty QT_DIR_NAME, qtvideo-node: fix package content with empty QT_DIR_NAME, qtwayland: add qwayland-server-surface-extension.h, wayland-surface-extension-server-protocol.h to sync.profile, bring QWaylandExtendedSurface back for luna-next, drop patch applied in 5.9.3, refresh patches for 5.11.2, qtwebengine: add libpci to RDEPENDS, Drop patch for libEGL and libGLES2, fix filename in SRC_URI, Fix patch for additionalFeatures, refresh patches, Remove PalmServiceBridge, replace EXTRA_QMAKEVARS_CONFIGURE with PACKAGECONFIG, squash a few of chromium patches for easier maintenance, recipes: drop unnecessary FILES_${PN}-dbg variables, use oe.utils.conditional instead of deprecated base_conditional, sensorfw: Bump SRCREV and drop patches now merged upstream, voicecall: Update to latest version from upstream, webos-systemd-services: Drop installation of luna-universalsearchmgr.service, android-headers: Add headers for Halium-7.1, common recipe for Halium-5.1 headers, make it possible to tweak android-config.h per machine, Use Halium Headers, android-headers-halium: set preferred version, android-headers-tenderloin: fix patches to match Halium's, android-kernel-bootimg: dedicated recipe for creating boot.img, minimal support for A/B partitions, android-system: Add missing groups, also mount /persist when it exists, cleanup old hal-hybris overlay code, don't manage ramdisk unpacking, fix lifecycle of lxc container, Remove installation of non-existing files, simplify usage of Halium, start sensorfwd after android container, use pre-start.sh from Halium, wait a bit for the sensors to be ready, android-system-image: use system.img directly, Change wop into luneos, convert the sparse image if needed, create /userdata, Update halium bits to halium version numbers, base-files: use system.img directly, android-tools: remove, since now in meta-oe, base-files,android-system: Android partitions are now mounted by Halium's initrd, base-files: add /system/lib64 in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, hammerhead, mako: Add NFC as machine feature, Include android-kernel-bootimg for each MACHINE that needs it, initramfs-android-image: make it possible to add content, libhybris: provide also virtual/mesa and set PREFERRED_PROVIDER for all android devices, linux-lg-{mako,hammerhead},linux-hp-tenderloin: backport 2 changes to fix build with gcc8, mako, hammerhead: Use upstream kernels which now have our patches included, mako: Fix the kernel build, meta-*: set PREFERRED_PROVIDER for libgl and libgbm for all android devices, meta-{asus,hp,huawei,lg,motorola,oneplus,xiaomi}: remove fstab overload, meta-android: initramfs-android-recovery: add inc, remove leftover from android-tools removal, meta-hp: migrate tenderloin to use Halium's init, meta-oneplus: Fixes for onyx target to make build work, meta-smartphone: Add meta-huawei layer with Angler target, udev-extraconf: Uniform naming scheme for device udev rules and update udev rules, meta-xiaomi: add initial support for rosy (Redmi 5), Get image for Tissot building, Initial work for Xiaomi A1 (tissot), mido fix persist partition number in fstab, mido use correct wlan module name, tissot: add initramfs-android-recovery, tissot: enable permissive SELinux, tissot: ignore other parameters from bootloader, tissot: switch to cm-14.1 kernel to fix wifi, Migrate LuneOS targeted machines to using android-kernel-image, systemd-machine-units: fix bluetooth for hammerhead, fix bluetooth for mako
54 Yocto upgrade from 2.3 Pyro to 2.7 Warrior, Qt upgrade from 5.11 to 5.12, Pinephone support added, activitymanager: RDEPENDS on bootd, add meta-qt5-compat layer, Add VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_android-initramfs-scripts variable in machines conf, alsa-lib: update the patches for 1.1.8, alsa-utils: Rename bbappend to match new version from oe-core, anbox, ashmem, binder: bump SRCREV; add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE restriction; Add elfutils to DEPENDS to solve QA issue; Add some RDEPENDS,RRECOMMENDS; fix build with boost 1.71.1; fix parallel build issue; restrict COMPATIBLE_MACHINE a bit more, anbox-data: add recipe for retrieving android image, android-headers: Add headers for Halium-7.1; common recipe for Halium-5.1 headers; make it possible to tweak android-config.h per machine; use Halium headers, android-headers-halium: set preferred version, android-headers-tenderloin: use API 22, patched to match tenderloin specific content; fix patches to match Halium's, android-kernel-bootimg: append DTB when specified; dedicated recipe for creating boot.img; minimal support for A/B partitions, android-property-service, mtp-server, pulseaudio-modules-droid, qtubuntu-camera, qtvideo-node, qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin, qtscenegraph-adaptation, qtsensors-sensorfw-plugin sensorfw, nyx-modules-hybris, org.webosports.app.camera: restrict to halium MACHINES; add dependency on virtual/android-headers, android-system: Add missing groups; also mount /persist when it exists; cleanup old hal-hybris overlay code; don't manage ramdisk unpacking; fix lifecycle of lxc container; only start after main partitions are mounted; Remove installation of non-existing files; simplify usage of Halium; start sensorfwd after android container; use pre-start.sh from Halium; wait a bit for the sensors to be ready, android-system-image-*: bump to 20180311 Halium build; skip already-stripped QA, android-system-image,base-files: use system.img directly, android-system-image: Add symbolic link for wifi; Bump Halium images; bump mako,tenderloin,hammerhead; Change wop into luneos; convert the sparse image if needed; create /userdata; make "symbols" directory optional; Update halium bits to halium version numbers, android-system-image-athene,onyx,mido,angler: bump PV, android-system-image-mako: fix install; fix install script; fix typo, android-system-image-rosy: use build from webos-ports, android-system-image-tenderloin: bump PV; Fix checksums; Update Android image; Use a Haloum 5.1 based Android build, android-system-image-tissot: bump PV; Bump PV to fix adb; Bump PV to kill qseeproxydaemon on Android side; bump to 20180302-18, android-tools: move the changes to meta-oe, android-tools: remove, android-tools-conf: provide whole android-gadget-setup instead of patching it in do_install; use backported recipe, angler, hammerhead, mako, athene, onyx, mido, rosy, tissot: stop building ext4 images by default, angler,athene,onyx,mako,hammerhead: systemd-machine-units: add rfkill unblock wifi, app-services, configurator: Bump SRCREV; fix LS2 for webOS-OSE, ashmem, binder: move udev rules to kernel-module-*-linux package and empty PN, base-files,android-system: Android partitions are now mounted by Halium's initrd, base-files: add /system/lib64 in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, bootd: introduce recipe from webOS-OSE; Fix systemd service file, busybox: also build telnetd module; also create by-label entries with mdev; mdev: use /dev/disk/by-partlabel instead of by-partname; mdev-partname.sh, mdev.conf: drop trailing spaces; mdev-partname.sh: remove probablly unnecessary ACTION assignment; mdev-partname.sh: use 4 spaces for indentation instead of mix of tabs and spaces; provide busybox-mdev with custom partname symlinks; use 4 spaces for indentation instead of mix of tabs and spaces and BPN in FILESEXTRAPATHS, cmake-modules-webos-native: Add back PV; add missing quote; Bump PV, com.webos.service.pdm: Remove inherit webos_machine_impl_dep, configurator: Move to webOS OSE version; Bump SRCREV, connman: move PACKAGECONFIG modification to .bbappend, remove dependency on xl2tp in signature; refresh patches to apply cleanly; update to v1.36, cpushareholder-stub, luna-sysmgr-ipc-messages, luna-webkit-api, rdx-utils-stub: inherit allarch before webos_cmake, cpushareholder-stub: Migrate from OWO to OSE, db8, filecache: Bump SRCREV, app-services: Bump SRCREV and cleanup recipe, db8, nyx-modules: Minor fixes after OSE rebase, db8: Add back dropped PV; Bump SRCREV and drop patch now merged in repo; cleanup a bit; fix db8-tests runtime depends; fix LS2 for webOS-OSE; Update to latest revision and remove references to com.webos.service.attachedstoragemanager, dbus-cpp, process-cpp, properties-cpp: Switch to GitHub & latest commits, dbus-cpp: fix compatiblity with boost 1.66.0, defaulttunes.inc: return accidentally dropped last line; use armv8a-crc-crypto for both raspberrypi[34]-64;use cortexa8thf-neon for currently supported 32bit arm MACHINEs;use different TUNE_PKGARCH_64 for raspberrypi3-64 MACHINE, directfb: Drop .bbappend, distro: luneos: switch release name to Eggnog Latte, downloadmanager: Remove recipe, event-monitor, event-monitor-network: Add recipes from OSE, exiv2: Update to 0.27.1, extra-cmake-modules: Bump to latest from upstream, filecache: Bump SRCREV, Fix meson bbappend, Fixup line endings, funyahoo-plusplus: Update to latest from upstream, Further work on webOS OSE migration; Further changes for webOS OSE; Further migration for webOS OSE, gcc: restore gcc-7.3 from Yocto 2.6 Thud, geoclue: backport gtk-doc.bbclass changes from Yocto 2.8 Zeus to make GTKDOC_MESON_OPTION work in Yocto 2.7 Warrior; Fix typo;fix unknown-configure-option QA issue; Rename .bbappend to be generic; Update to 2.5.3; use backported recipe; Add to meta-webos-ports for fixes & upgrade, glib-2.0: Rename bbappend to match new version from oe-core; update 0001-gdbus-codegen-replace-plus-also-with-underscore.patch to apply on 2.58.0 version; update patch to apply on 2.54.2 version; add work around for broken ld-2.29.so when gold is used; drop bbappend; export LDFLAGS, glm: use version from meta-oe, glmark2: disable wayland-gles2, GnuTLS: Fix missing system trust, gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: disable egl, gtest: don't rdepend on ${PN} from ${PN}-dev; export LDFLAGS, hammerhead kernel: delay wifi init, hammerhead, mako, tenderloin: Use Halium image built with Ports repos; use WOP builds of Halium, hammerhead, mako: Add NFC as machine feature, hammerhead.conf: use initramfs-scripts-halium, hammerhead: temporarily disable gobject introspection, https-everywhere: Update to latest from upstream, hunspell-dictionaries: Update to latest from upstream; use backported recipe, icyque: Add recipe, Ignore generated pycache directory, iio-sensor-proxy: introduce recipe, imaccountvalidator, activitymanager, db8, filecache, sleepd, luna-service2: Bump SRCREV, imaccountvalidator, imlibpurpleservice: Add icyque plugin, imlibpurpleservice, org.webosports.service.messaging, webos-telephonyd, app-services, core-apps, nodejs-module-webos-sysbus: Bump SRCREV, Include android-kernel-bootimg for each MACHINE that needs it, Initial work for webOS OSE migration, initramfs-android-image: make it possible to add content; make sure that ANDROID_EXTRA_INITRAMFS_IMAGE_INSTALL is expanded, initramfs-android-recovery-tissot: skip file-rdeps QA as well, initramfs-boot-android: cosmetics; disable busybox extreme symlink checks; fix image identification for rootfs on partition; import Fix-userdata-mount-options.patch from meta-hp; init.sh: be less verbose for initial user data copy; mount /dev/pts for cases when enable_adb is used; put .firstboot_done in a rw folder; reset uevent_help when stopping mdev; split halium and generic version; use mdev instead of udev, initramfs-boot-android: fix tenderloin's boot; Move initrd RDEPENDS from ANDROID_EXTRA_INITRAMFS_IMAGE_INSTALL to initramfs-boot-android recipe; put .firstboot_done in a rw folder; split halium and generic version; tenderloin: mount /boot as ro; tenderloin: use correct folder for media data, initramfs-scripts-android: improve init scripts; switch from RNDIS to CDC-ECM, initramfs-scripts-halium: move Fix-userdata-mount-options.patch to the right directory; specify needs through RDEPENDS, initrdscripts: fix tenderloin initial data (wallpaper), jemalloc: Switch to OSE repo, kernel.bbclass: drop backported bbclass; remove backported bbclass; import from oe-core/pyro and backport one fix from oe-core/rocko, kernel: tenderloin, mako, hammerhead, onyx bump SRCREV for GCC8, kernel_android, android-kernel-bootimg: use pkg_postinst_ontarget, kernel_android.bbclass: fix path to the KERNEL_DEVICETREE; use ${KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME}-image instead of kernel-image, kernel_android: update for new KERNEL_* variables from oe-core; use the bbclass again, keymanager: bump SRCREV, kf5bluezqt-mer: set QT.BluezQt.module to fix compatibility with Qt 5.12, layer.conf: Update to warrior release name series, layer.conf: Update to warrior release name series, layers: Update layer compatibility to thud, layers: Update layer compatibility to thud, leveldb: move bbappend to the matching directory, leveldb-tl: downgrade to gcc-4.7 branch; provide native version, libbson: Bump to latest upstream release, libcamera: introduce recipe, libdrm: add vboxvideo to tested modules; update the patch to apply for 2.4.96, libglibutil: fix LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM, libhybris, wayland: use wayland-egl from libhybris again, libhybris: bump SRCREV and resolve the review comments; fix build with glibc-2.26; fix mido build flags; fix tenderloin build flags; provide also virtual/mesa and set PREFERRED_PROVIDER for all android devices; refresh patch; remove the already applied patch from SRC_URI; restrict COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to halium MACHINEs; use older SRCREV for tenderloin, libhybris: don't install wayland-egl; drop SRCREV, libpalmsocket: fix build with openssl-1.1.1, libpbnjson: restore PV and OECMAKE_GENERATOR fix, libpng: Bump to 1.6.37, librolegen: Add DEPENDS; Switch to OSE version + patches, libsandbox: Migrate from OWO to OSE, libsensmon: blacklist due to newer vala incompatibility, libshr-glib: blacklist because of random failures, libvpx: enable thumb to work around issue with -halium appended to TUNE_PKGARCH, linunx-lg-mako: bump SRCREV, linux-*: don't use ANDROID_BOOTIMG_CMDLINE for built-in kernel cmdline, linux-{oneplus-onyx,lg-mako}: fix branch parameter, linux-hp-tenderloin: bump SRCREV; use a 3.4 kernel, linux-lg-{mako,hammerhead},linux-hp-tenderloin: backport 2 changes to fix build with gcc8, linux-lg-hammerhead: bump SRCREV; fix some minor defconfig values, linux-lg-mako: send patches upstream and bump SRCREV; switch to old ubp-5.1 branch with just 1 fix for gcc-8 from cm-14.1 branch, linux-oneplus-onyx: switch to old cm-14.1-los branch with just 1 fix for gcc-8 from luneos/cm-14.1-wip branch, linux-xiaomi-rosy: bump SRCREV, linux-xiaomi-tissot: bump SRCREV, linux-yocto: add own defconfig; backport 5.0 from master and switch from linux-yocto-dev; drop backported fixes for compatibility with older Yocto; enable few more drm drivers; squashfs: add squash kernel module for anbox; use own virtio.cfg and reinclude kernel-module-virtio-gpu as a module, linux-yocto-dev: add bbappend also for -dev version; enable vboxguest in the kernel and blacklist vboxguestdrivers again, lsb: rename bbappend to match any version, luna-appmanager: Bump SRCREV; fix LS2 for webOS-OSE, luna-downloadmgr, applicationinstallerutility: Add recipes, luna-downloadmgr: Drop MACHINE specific configuration, luna-next: Bump SRCREV; LS2 fix for webOS-OSE, luna-next-cardshell: bump SRCREV; merge webosose branch to master, luna-next-conf: fix possible conflict between evdevtouch and evdevkeyboard; fix VBoxTouch parameters for qemu; rosy: give input devices to evdevkeyboard; update VBoxTouch params and enable input and cursor; use drm+eglfs_kms for qemux86*, luna-prefs-data.bb: Fix Lune OS name to LuneOS, luna-qml-launcher: fix LS2 for webOS-OSE, luna-service2: bump SRCREV; re-enable default LS2 security policy; remove webos_machine_impl_dep inherit imported from OSE, luna-service2-security-conf: Switch to own fork, luna-sysmgr: explicitely put RDEPENDS on powerd; Fix branch; fix LS2 for webOS-OSE, luna-sysmgr-common: Bump SRCREV, luna-sysmgr-conf, nyx-conf, nyx-modules, luna-next-conf: add support for raspberrypi4(-64), luna-sysservice, nodejs-module-webos-sysbus, nyx-utils, luna-service2, nyx-lib, pmloglib, pmloglib-private: Bump SRCREV, luna-sysservice: Add back dropped PV; bump SRCREV; fix LS2 for webOS-OSE, luna-systemui: Bump SRCREV, luna-webappmanager: bump SRCREV; fix LS2 for webOS-OSE, luneos.inc: drop kernel-module-virtio-gpu; enable image-buildinfo; exclude DATETIME from IMAGE_NAME, KERNEL_IMAGE_BASE_NAME, MODULE_IMAGE_BASE_NAME vardeps; include all default WARN_QA in ERROR_QA; replace uvesafb with vboxvideo; set WEBOS_TARGET_MACHINE_IMPL only in webos_machine_impl_dep; simplify PREMIRROR configuration; use linux-yocto-dev also for qemux86-64; use new oe-core variable IMAGE_VERSION_SUFFIX, luneos: add rpi-sdimg.gz IMAGE_FSTYPE; reinclude luneos-recipe-blacklist-world.inc and update it for Yocto 2.7 Warrior; use linux-yocto-dev for qemux86, luneos_image.bbclass: remove the webos_swap_hook function, luneos-{package,emulator-appliance}.inc: remove extra dash in filenames, luneos-components: bump SRCREV and switch to qt-5.12 branch, luneos-dev-image, luneui-example-image: drop mesa, luneos-dev-image: add libdrm-tests; add more packages for testing, luneos-emulator.ovf: move to qemux86 subdirectory and restrict to qemux86*; refresh to ovf-2.0 format with VirtualBox-6.0.8; update OSType for qemux86-64, luneos-emulator-appliance.inc: include ${IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX} in source VMDK filename; use pigz-native instead of zip-native; switch from default VBoxVGA to VBoxSVGA, luneos-image: add WKS with syslinux config file without serial, luneos-package.inc: bump android-update-package SRCREV; fix SRCREV; include ${IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX} in source rootfs filename; work around tar being killed by OOMK; work around tar being killed by OOMK even harder, luneos-preferred-providers.inc: remove VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_bash; use busybox as a provider for bash and stat, luneos-preferred-versions.inc: downgrade gcc from default 8 to 7, luneos-recipe-blacklist-world.inc: blacklist remmina; use weak assignment, luneui-example: add emulator-appliance and android package images, luneui-example-image, packagegroup-luneos-extended: add Anbox for qemux86-64, luneui-example-image,luneos-dev-image: include glmark2 only for qemuall, lxc: ignore stringop-overflow= errors with gcc8, make, hammerhead, tenderloin: use mesa-gl as virtual/mesa provider; use kernel sources from shr-distribution/linux.git and fix build with gcc-7; use our Halium image, mako, hammerhead: Use upstream kernels which now have our patches included, mako: Fix the kernel build, maliit-framework-qt5: set QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland, mediaindexer: Bump SRCREV; Switch back to master branch, mesa: backport 19.0.5 and mesa-demos 8.4.0 from oe-core; drop backported PROVIDES; enable gallium only for target builds; update old recipe; use latest mesa from oe-core, mesa-gl: remove ${includedir}/KHR/khrplatform.h when using libhybris, meson: override 0003_native-bindir patch with a fixed version; drop backported fix, now in oe-core revision we're using, messaging-accounts: Bump SRCREV, meta-*: add LAYERSERIES_COMPAT to layer.conf files, meta-*: add LAYERSERIES_COMPAT to layer.conf files; set PREFERRED_PROVIDER for libgl and libgbm for all android devices, meta-{asus,hp,huawei,lg,motorola,oneplus,xiaomi}: remove fstab overload, meta-acer, meta-asus, meta-aurora, meta-fso, meta-geeksphone, meta-htc, meta-nokia meta-openmoko, meta-osmocombb, meta-palm, meta-samsung, meta-shr-distro, meta-shr: Remove unsupported layers, meta-android, meta-hp: respect IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX variable, meta-android: add FREESMARTPHONE_GIT; initramfs-android-recovery: add inc; remove leftover from android-tools removal; use separate PACKAGE_DIR for Halium-based packages, meta-android-halium.inc: add halium OVERRIDE; blacklist virglrenderer, cogl-1.0, clutter-1.0, mx-1.0, clutter-gst-3.0, clutter-gtk-1.0, meta-hp: initramfs-boot-android: move Fix-userdata-mount-options.patch to meta-webos-ports; migrate tenderloin to use Halium's init, meta-luneos-backports-2.8: add layer for backports from Yocto 2.8 Zeus; Add pidgin 2.13, meta-motorola: Athene, use our own fork for now.; Fixes for athene target to make build work; Initial work for athene target, meta-oneplus: Fixes for onyx target to make build work; Initial work on layer; linux-oneplus-onyx: Use herrie82 branch pending upstream merge; Update kernel for onyx (OnePlus X), meta-qt5-compat: remove, meta-shr, meta-fso: remove blacklisted recipes, meta-smartphone: Add meta-huawei layer with Angler target; udev-extraconf: Uniform naming scheme for device udev rules and update udev rules, meta-webos-ports: Add pinephone machine, meta-xiaomi: add initial support for rosy (Redmi 5); Further updates to make things work; Get image for Tissot building; Initial work for Xiaomi A1 (tissot); Initial work on layer; linux-xiaomi-mido: Fix incorrect RAM_BASE addresses; Mido enable WLAN as module; mido fix persist partition number in fstab; mido use correct wlan module name; rosy minor fixes; tissot: add initramfs-android-recovery; tissot: enable permissive SELinux; tissot: ignore other parameters from bootloader; tissot: switch to cm-14.1 kernel to fix wifi, Migrate LuneOS targeted machines to using android-kernel-image, mmsd: Bump SRCREV, mobile-broadband-provider-info: Bump SRCREV, module-base.bbclass: import from oe-core/pyro and backport the fix to support newer kernels; refresh from rocko, module-base: remove backported bbclass, mojo: Switch to webOS-ports/webOS-OSE branches, mojomail, pmcertificatemgr: bump SRCREV, mojoservicelauncher: bump SRCREV; temporary drop nodejs-module-webos-dynaload and nodejs-module-webos-sysbus, mpeg2dec: ignore textrel QA issue in libmpeg2, mtp-server: bump SRCREV; fix build with glog-0.3.5, nemo-qml-plugin-dbus: Bump to latest from upstream, node-gyp-native: upgrade to 4.0.0+git; fix branch parameter, nodejs-enyo-dev-native: Bump SRCREV, nodejs-module-webos-{dynaload,sysbus}: bump SRCREV, nodejs-module-webos-dynaload: Move to OSE version, nodejs-module-webos-pmlog: Add fix from upstream OSE, nodejs-module-webos-service: Add recipe from OSE, nodejs-module-webos-sysbus: Bump SRCREV; Fix installation of role files.; Fix work directory; Migrate to webOS OSE version; restore old security schema, novacomd: Remove upstart init script; Switch to OSE version, ntp: Add an empty ntp-kod file, numptyphysics: fix file-rdeps QA, nyx-conf: add pinephone power key config, nyx-modules, nyx-conf: Fix pinephone setup, nyx-modules: bump SRCREV; Changes for new nyx modules from OSE;'disable security and security2 modules and return to the image; fix build for tenderloin; fix rosy's cmake; fixes for webOS-OSE rebase; qemux86(-64) update copyright and specify modules to build; reintroduce nyx-modules-hybris for Halium based targets; toro & toroplus: Update copyright & hybris modules; Update copyright, nyx-modules-hybris: bump SRCREV for nyx-lib compatibility fixes, ofono: Drop patches that are no longer used.; Update to latest from Mer; use more recent version, omhacks: blacklist, openssl*: update openssl.cnf u-a configuration, openssl, gtest, leveldb: drop EXTENDPRAUTO, openssl10: remove the bbappend and blacklist instead, opkg: Rename bbappend to match new version from oe-core, org.webosinternals.ipkgservice: use postinst_ontarget, org.webosinternals.tweaks: fix LS2 for webOS-OSE, org.webosports.app.camera: remove RDEPEND on libhybris, org.webosports.app.firstuse: bump SRCREV, org.webosports.app.maps: Bump SRCREV, org.webosports.app.phone: bump SRCREV, org.webosports.app.settings, org.webosports.service.update: Bump SRCREV, org.webosports.app.settings-qml, webos-telephonyd, luna-init, sleepd: Bump SRCREV; org.webosports.app.settings-qml: Bump SRCREV; fix LS2 for webOS-OSE, org.webosports.cdav: Bump SRCREV, org.webosports.service.update: Bump SRCREV, packagegroup: temoporary drop certmgrd, pmcertificatemgr, mojomail-imap, mojomail-pop, mojomail-smtp, nyx-modules, packagegroup-luneos-extended: add messwerk app; Drop downloadmanager in favor of luna-downloadmgr; include DISTRO_EXTRA_RDEPENDS to install necessary kernel modules; include rng-tools for qemu*; re-enable nyx-modules-hybris; replace wireless-tools with iw; Add event-monitor & event-monitor-network, PATCH] athene, mido, onyx: Fix display size and add ANDROID_HEADERS_DEFINES, pdm & pdm-plugin: Add various bits to build & include in images., phonesim: Bump to 1.21, pidgin, leveldb-tl, extra-cmake-modules, pmloglib-private: don't rdepend on ${PN} from ${PN}-dev, pidgin: Make bbappend version independent; remove the backported recipes; update purple-OE-branding-25.patch to apply cleanly; Update to 2.13; use backported recipes, pidgin-sipe: Update to latest release from upstream, pmloglib: Add back PV, pmloglib-private: Add back PV, powerstat: Update to latest upstream, properties-cpp: add sha265sum, fix runtime dependencies, pulseaudio: rename bbappend to apply on new version from oe-core; update patches to apply on 11.1 version, pulseaudio-modules-droid: adapt folders for PulseAudio 11.1; bump SRCREV for 12.2 compatibility; update PULSEAUDIO_VERSION to 12.2, purple-skypeweb: Update to latest release from upstream, python-tz: Bump to 2019.1, qemu: don't enable spice for target; drop virglrenderer from target qemu as well; enable sdl and virtfs as well; enable virglrenderer spice libusb usb-redir gtk+, qemux86: use wic.vmdk, qt5: refresh the patches for 5.12.3 version, qt5-plugin-generic-vboxtouch: bump SRCREV; switch to new version from Tofee, qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin: bump SRCREV and fix build; fix compatibility with qtbase 5.12; remove unneeded patch, qtbase: allow to easily select different QPA; update PACKAGECONFIG xkbcommon-evdev -> xkbcommon, qtlocation-luneos-plugin: replace qtlocation patch; Update plugins dir and PV, qtvideo-node, org.webosports.app.camera: fix PV, qtwayland: don't use wayland-brcm; drop drm-egl-server and libhybris-egl-server PACKAGECONFIGs; fix QWaylandShellPrivate inheritance; Fix window properties; refresh patches for 5.12; fix the last patch filename in SRC_URI; update patches for 5.12.5, qtwebengine: enable wayland-brcm for rpi, drm-egl-server for qemuall and libhybris-egl-server for the rest; fix 0001-WebContents-provide-additional-features-from-window..patch; fix patch directory; fix Sync call patch; refresh patches for 5.12; refresh patches for 5.12.5, raspberrypi4-64: fix TUNE_PKGARCH_64, rdxd: Drop stub and add the real thing.; Add missing PROVIDES, README: update to depend on master branches, Remove AOL & ICQ protocol plugins, Revert "hammerhead: temporarily disable gobject introspection", Revert "meta-hp: initramfs-boot-android: move Fix-userdata-mount-options.patch to meta-webos-ports", SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS: drop ubuntu-16.04, sdl2-opengles-test: build only sdl2_opengles2_test for all rpi MACHINEs; Fix typo in license file.; Switch to new repo and update to latest version, sensorfw: bump SRCREV and make it more generic; fix orientation matrix for pinephone, serviceinstaller: Switch to OSE version + our patch, shadow-sysroot: rename bbappend to match new version, sleepd: add powerd as RDEPENDS, snappy: import from OSE and add as a dependency to leveldb; use newer 1.1.7 version from meta-oe, storaged: Add PV, Switch from branch= to WEBOS_GIT_PARAM_BRANCH, systemd: disable networkd and resolved.; fix boot for old kernels; fix build without resolved; rebase patches to apply on 237 version; rebase patches to apply on 241; update Disable-ProtectHome-and-ProtectSystem-for-old-kernel.patch to apply on 239 version; Update mmc patch; update persistent-storage-rule-mmc-partname.patch to apply on 234 version, systemd-conf: disable key handling in logind.conf, systemd-machine-units: regroup xiaomi identical service files; fix bluetooth for hammerhead; fix bluetooth for mako; mido: fix Bluetooth; rosy: fix Bluetooth; rosy: fix wlan module loading; tissot: fix Bluetooth, systemd-serialgetty: disable SERIAL_CONSOLES on LuneOS's qemu; drop weird bbappend, tzdata: rename bbappend to apply on renamed recipe, ubx-utils: fix file-rdeps QA, udev-extraconf: override automount.rules with empty rules file; tissot, rosy: add touchscreen0 rule, unused: remove long unused recipes and bbclasses, uriparser: Upgrade to 0.9.3, Various components: Move back to webOS-ports fork, Various fixes for systemd, vboxguestdrivers: backport 5.2.22 from meta-oe; unblacklist but install only vboxguest and vboxsf modules, VoiceCall: Bump SRCREV & drop patch; Bump version to latest from upstream and refresh patches; Drop patches since our changes are merged upstream; fix DEVICELOCK handling, wayland: limit do_install_append only for target, webos_{lttng,pmlog_config}.bbclass: move to the right layer, webos_configure_manifest.bbclass, webos_system_bus.bbclass: replace some warnings with notes, webos_configure_manifest.bbclass: move to the right layer, webos_nyx_module_provider.bbclass: enable NYXMOD_OW_MSMMTP by default, webos_test_provider.bbclass: move to meta-luneui, webos-connman-adapter: bump SRCREV, webos-initscripts, org.webosports.cdav, app-services, bootd, com.webos.service.pdm, db8, enyo-1.0, mojoservice-framework, mojomail: Bump SRCREV, webos-initscripts.bb: Fix inherit, webos-initscripts: don't include systemd-machine-units in sstate signature; fix startup sequence for webOS-OSE; Fix whitespace issues, webos-keyboard: fix LS2 for webOS-OSE; Bump SRCREV, wifi-module-load: fix sleep call in systemd service
55 Qt upgrade from 5.12.3 to 5.12.5
56 Empty by accident
EggNogLatte 57 luna-applauncher: JustType: use a relative margin for main field (got broken after Qt 5.12.5 upgrade), luneos-components: Update Qt version to 5.12.5; Add stub for ieee8021x wifi network