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This page lists all the WebOS Ports developers, and the projects and activities for which each is responsible. Names are listed in chronological order of officially joining the WebOS Ports team.


Name: Tom King
Responsibility: Founder and Project Lead for WebOS Ports
About Me: FT:High Power RF, VHDL/Verilog Design, Play Time: Dabble with Kernel development.


Name: Eric Duprey
Responsibility: That would be telling
About Me: Hacker, security geek, one of the original devs behind the WebOS Internals "Terminal" application


Name: Dwayne Fontenot
Responsibility: No.
About Me: Something about Linux


Name: Rod Whitby
Twitter: @webosinternals
Responsibility: Consultant
About Me: WebOS Internals Founder and Project Lead


Name: Chris Jowett
Twitter: @cryptkcoding
Responsibility: Server administration and management
About Me: I work as a full time linux systems administratior as my day job and lend that knowledge to keep the WebOS Internals servers running as well as they possibly can.


Name: Matthew Van Gent
Twitter: @scoutcamper_1
Responsibility: SysAdmin and developer and Developer
About Me: College Student and Webos Developer and Linux sysadmin.


Name: Patrick Roberts
Responsibility: HP webOS Employee
About Me: HP webOS Employee here to help.


Name: Will Deitz
Twitter: @wdtz
Responsibility: Developer and Packager
About Me: .


Name: Jason Green
Twitter: @LarrySteeze
Responsibility: I'll never be old enough for that.
About Me: I'm cheesy in Wisconsin, corny when in Iowa, and dry when in Arizona...but I don't live in any of those three states.


Name: Josh Palmer
Twitter: @ShiftyAxel
Responsibility: Lead of the LunaCE sub-project.
About Me: Games Technology Uni Student, Programmer & Guitarist. Loves his webOS.


Name: Donald Kirker
Twitter: @dkirker
Responsibility: <marquee><blink>WebKit!!</blink></marquee>
About Me: PalmOS junkie since 2002, webOS junkie since 2008, nerd, geek, and some other stuff. :P


Name: Simon Busch
Twitter: @morphis
Responsibility: Lead of the port to the Galaxy Nexus.
About Me: .