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(What Doesn't Work)
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Keyboard Input (Crash)
Keyboard Input (Crash)
Just Type (Crash)
Just Type (Nothing Shows)
Gesture Area
Gesture Area

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This page is dedicated to running the WOCE version of LunaSysMgr on a Pre3.

What Works

Touch Input

Volume Keys (may not actually set the volume)

Sound (may not work fully, cannot test properly in the current state)


Status Bar

System Menu

What Doesn't Work

App Launching (cards will appear, but solid white with no contents)

UI Layout isn't optimized for the resolution

Screenshot with Opt+Sym+P (Crash, luna-send method works fine)

Keyboard Input (Crash)

Just Type (Nothing Shows)

Gesture Area


Before continuing, be sure to understand that this version of LunaSysMgr is NOT usable in it's current state. It is here for the purpose of further development.


Transfer the required libraries to the Pre3

Open a Terminal and cd into woce-build/rootfs/armv7/usr/lib/

Compress the libraries into a .tar file for easy transfer (-h to follow symbolic links, otherwise libaffinity.so breaks)

tar -chvf lunaLibs.tar libQt* libhal.so libaffinity.so libqpalm.so libpsc.so

Copy the files to the device

novacom put file:///usr/lib/lunaLibs.tar < lunaLibs.tar

Extract them

cd /usr/lib
tar -xvf lunaLibs.tar
rm lunaLibs.tar

Link the new libraries

ldconfig -v

Close novaterm


Transfer the required resources to the Pre3

cd into woce-build/rootfs/armv7/usr/palm/sysmgr

Compress the resources into a .tar file for easy transfer

tar -cvf lunaRes.tar ./*

Copy the files to the device

novacom put file:///usr/palm/sysmgr/lunaRes.tar < lunaRes.tar

Extract them

cd /usr/palm/sysmgr
tar -xvf lunaRes.tar
rm lunaRes.tar

Close novaterm


Prevent LunaSysMgr from crashing on startup

Option A: Clone a git repository

git clone git://github.com/ShiftyAxel/LunaSysMgr.git
git checkout lsm-pre3

And to pull down the latest changes

git pull origin lsm-pre3

Option B: Download a patch

Download and apply the following patch to your own LSM sources:

cd /path/to/LunaSysMgr
curl https://github.com/ShiftyAxel/LunaSysMgr/commit/87137d043beabc4e4c18f1c61ed2885b51e2a442.diff > lsm-pre3.diff
patch -p1 < lsm-pre3.diff

Build and Run

Modify woce-build/support/cross-compile.mk, changing MACHINE=topaz to MACHINE=mantaray

Build LunaSysMgr, noting that the output will now be in the release-mantaray folder instead of release-topaz

Backup your old LunaSysMgr

stop LunaSysMgr
mv /usr/bin/LunaSysMgr /usr/bin/LunaSysMgr.old

Upload the new LunaSysMgr

novacom put file:///usr/bin/LunaSysMgr < /path/to/compiled/LunaSysMgr

Run the new LunaSysMgr