Luna Next Remote WebApplication Debugging

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It's very easily to remote debug web applications with luna-next. WebKit provides a powerful tool for this: The WebInspector

How to use the WebInspector

  • flash your target device with a recent version of the webos-ports-dev-image
  • start your app in debug mode:
    • on device: webapp-launcher -a <path to your app>/appinfo.json --debug
    • on emulator: QTWEBKIT_INSPECTOR_SERVER= webapp-launcher -a <path to your app>/appinfo.json --debug
  • for debugging on a real device you need now to configured a port forwarding through adb on your development machine with (the WebInspector is available on localhost:1122 on the target device
 adb forward tcp:1122 tcp:1122
  • now you can point your favourite web browser to localhost:1122 on your development machine to debug the web application