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Reviewing LuneOS

As a reviewer of LuneOS, we ask you to keep in mind our design principles and goals:

  • LuneOS is designed to help users get things done; we don't worry about ticking features off a list
  • Consider tasks from the perspective of a user familiar with LuneOS, not someone switching from another OS.

(For example, the browser doesn't have tabs, but LuneOS can stack browser and non-browser cards together.)

  • LuneOS Synergy presents a unified view of data from different service providers.

If you only use one provider (Google, for example) you won't appreciate Synergy, and LuneOS generally doesn't support features unique to one provider.

  • The question is (usually) not "Is there an app for that?" but "Is there an API for that?".

If a service provides an API, we can write our own Synergy Connector. Writing a Synergy Connector is a fraction of the work of writing an app.