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{{{{{function}}} |device_name=Touchpad |device_notes=HP started a firesale of the Touchpad for $99 the 16GB and $ 149,- for the 32GB version 6 weeks after it's release when it announced to stop producing webOS hardware. This tablet became popular very quickly due to the good value for money. |device_codename=tenderloin |device_vendor=hp |device_vendor_longname=Hewlett Packard |device_type=tablet |device_size=9.7" |device_cpu=Snapdragon S3 |device_cpu_frequency=1.2 GHz |device_cpu_cores=dual |device_soc=Qualcomm APQ8060 |device_ram=1GB |device_screen_dimension=246 mm (9.7 in) |device_screen_resolution=1024x768 |device_screen_density=132 ppi |device_screen_technology=LED-backlit LCD |device_kernel_override=hp-kernel-tenderloin |device_wop_forum= |device platform= |device_image=tenderloin.jpg |device_wop_versions_supported=LuneOS Affogato |link_kind={{{link_kind}}} |device_last_wop_branch_supported= }}