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Preparing your device & installation instructions

1. Create an ext3fs lvm partition of at least 1GB (use Tailor or Meta-Doctor to achieve this). It must be named ext3fs ! Tailor automatically uses this name for an ext3 partition.

2. Download the image, copy it to the USB driver (/media/internal) and extract it into the new partition by issuing the following commands:

mkdir /media/ext3fs && mount /dev/store/ext3fs /media/ext3fs

cd /media/internal

tar xzf webos-ports-dev-image-tenderloin.tar.gz -C /media/ext3fs

3. Download the kernel and add it to the boot partition as uImage.LuneOS and either symlink it to uImage or use moboot. Follow the instruction below:

- Boot into webOS (make sure to have Developer Mode enabled!)

- Run novaterm

mount -o remount,rw /boot

cd /boot

rm uImage


novacom put file://boot/uImage.LuneOS < luneos.uImage

novacom put file://boot/uImage < uImage.moboot_0.3.8


cd /boot

ln -sf uImage-2.6.35-palm-tenderloin uImage.webOS

ls -l

Output should look like: Moboot.png