Testing LunaCE

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This is my outline! Lots more to come! :)

download file per dev's instructions
install with novacom
novacom run -- file:///sbin/stop LunaSysMgr
novacom run file://bin/mount -- -o remount,rw /
novacom put file:///usr/bin/LunaSysMgr < ./LunaSysMgr
novacom run file://bin/mount -- -o remount,ro /
novacom run -- file:///sbin/reboot

rwhitby sez best recovery method is palm-install the recovery ipk downloaded manually

Notes and Assumptions (in no particular order)

  • You have at least skimmed WebOS Internals' Basic Linux Use page.
  • You are using your browser to download files to your default download directory, ~/Downloads.
  • "~" is Unix/Linux shorthand for the location of your home directory.
  • "%" represents the command prompt in your terminal window.
  • The commands you are to cut and paste are in bold.
  • Unless you're intending to try being a developer yourself, you don't need to install VirtualBox.


  • Computer running Ubuntu Linux or Mac OS X
  • 'Developer Mode' enabled on your TouchPad (How To Enable Developer Mode)
  • Install the appropriate versions of the Palm SDK-PDK (you will need this if you have to recover) and novacom on your computer (the novacom install is on the SDK-PDK install page).
  • Install Save/Restore from Preware on your TouchPad and set it to back up your app data daily.
  • Check that the Palm Backup app backups are "on" and that your data is being backed up to their servers daily.
  • Donate to webos-internals. Yes, right now. We'll wait :)

How to Recover

  1. Download the stock Palm LunaSysMgr 3.0.5-3 to your computer. This is the same recovery package that you can install with Preware, but if something goes really wrong, you won't be able to run Preware.
  2. Open a terminal window (Linux) or Terminal.app (OS X).
  3. Using that window, go to your downloads directory and check the MD5sum (fingerprint) of the ipkg, which should match this string: 20501828cc5b29200a0a3feaf8535dd4
    • for Linux type
      % cd ~/Downloads
      % md5sum org.webosports.palm-lunasysmgr_3.0.5-3_arm.ipk
    • for OS X type
      % cd ~/Downloads
      % md5 org.webosports.palm-lunasysmgr_3.0.5-3_arm.ipk
  4. If the fingerprint strings do not match, something may have gone wrong. Delete the file you just downloaded and download another copy.

webOS Doctor

Installing a LunaSysMgr pre-alpha test binary

  1. Before you do anything else:
    1. Run a Save/Restore backup.
    2. Run a Palm Backup app backup.
    3. Connect your TouchPad to your computer, put it in USB mode, and copy the entire USB drive folder to your computer.