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Contest is for a Wallpaper to be seen on devices when WebOS-Ports Builds is installed.

Wallpaper is for inclusion as the wallpaper to appear on the Galaxy Nexus port(1280x720 px), as well as the potential to appear on all future ports

Important Lawyery Stuff

In order to have these submissions be able to be used on other devices and possibly pulled upstream by Gram we need these submissions to comply with the following Lawery bits.

How to Submit

1. Create a wiki account Ask @ka6sox, @scoutcamper_1, or @LarrySteeze on twitter or irc to promote your user account

Please name your submission in the following format


2. Browse to http://www.webos-ports.org/wiki/Special:Upload and upload your submissions

3. Edit this page, adding your submission in the following way:

At the bottom add the following

[[File:Username|1280px|thumb|left|by [[User:YourNameHere]]]]

Followed by your username on the next line