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Contest is for a Wallpaper to be seen on devices when WebOS-Ports Build is installed.

Wallpaper is for inclusion as the wallpaper to appear on the Galaxy Nexus port(1280x720 px), as well as the potential to appear on all future ports.

Because this will be used for both landscape and portrait it is recommended that they be at least 1280px X 1280px

Contest ends February 1st.

Important Lawyery Stuff

No Copyrighted image and no people in shots (unless they are seriously blurred so they are unrecognizable)

How to Submit

1. Create a wiki account Ask @ka6sox, @scoutcamper_1, or @LarrySteeze on twitter or irc to promote your user account

Please name your submission in the following format


2. Browse to http://www.webos-ports.org/wiki/Special:Upload and upload your submissions

3. Edit this page, adding your submission in the following way:

At the bottom add the following

[[File:Username|512px|thumb|left|<title>by [[User:YourNameHere]]]]

Followed by your username on the next line


"Ice"Plant by User:Ka6sox
"A" Bay by User:Ka6sox
Sunset @ "A" Bay by User:Ka6sox


Fireworks by User:HaDAk
Full Moon by User:HaDAk
Blaze by User:HaDAk
Watercolors by User:HaDAk
Abstract by User:HaDAk
Chrysler (note: This may violate copyrights, and may be unacceptable. Please remove if it is.) by User:HaDAk
Vespa (note: This may violate copyrights, and may be unacceptable. Please remove if it is.) by User:HaDAk
Gambino by User:matthiew
Flinder's Bay by User:matthiew
Morning Dew by User:Sbush
Blue Door by User:Drewksparks
Lonely Bench by User:Drewksparks
Yellow Straw by User:Isandunk
New Dawn by User:Darakian
Opening Doors - Blue by User:PatrickC
Ladybug by User:badcow
Stones by User:badcow
Birds in line by User:badcow
Sunset by User:badcow
Sun fly by User:badcow
Spring by User:badcow
Morning glory by User:badcow
Baby Baby by User:badcow
Purple Passion Flower by User:Djgardn2
Sunset and Water by User:Djgardn2
After Sunset by User:Djgardn2
Orange Sunset by User:Djgardn2
Beach Bench by User:Djgardn2
Banana Spider by User:Djgardn2
Boardwalk by User:Djgardn2
Eagle by User:Djgardn2
Kayak by User:Djgardn2
Sun in Clouds by User:Djgardn2
Trees by User:Djgardn2
Fountain by User:Djgardn2
Sunset over water by User:Djgardn2
Countryside by User:Djgardn2
Port Window Sunrise by User:Tjs11thpre
Banking Port by User:Tjs11thpre
Waterfall by User:Djgardn2
Flowers by User:Djgardn2
Bromeliad by User:Djgardn2
Books (note: This may violate copyrights, and may be unacceptable. Please remove if it is.) by User:Brandongoeszoom
Brooklyn Bridge by User:Brandongoeszoom
Brooklyn Bridge 2 by User:Brandongoeszoom
Downtown El Paso by User:Brandongoeszoom
Purple Flower by User:Brandongoeszoom
Downtown Sunset by User:Brandongoeszoom
Great Ocean Road by User:Alonhzn