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Applications in webOS are commonly written as pure web applications. This page will give you a short overview about what is required to develop a web application for webOS and what possibilities are available.

In general a web application for webOS is just a web page with it's logic written as attached java scripts. As the history of webOS is highly coupled to the enyo web framework we're using this as our primary one. However any framework can be used and there is no requirement to stick with enyo.

In order to have a easy startup we're providing a bootplate git repository which already has everything setup to start application development.

Available APIs

We're support a set of common web APIs but also additional webOS specific ones. This section will give an overview what is support and what not.

Standard APIs

Multimedia and Graphics:

  • CSS Animations - Animate CSS properties over time using keyframes.
  • CSS Backgrounds and Borders Level 3 - CSS features for borders and backgrounds.
  • CSS Color Module Level 3 - CSS features for color values and properties.
  • CSS Flexible Box Layout - A CSS box model for user interface design.
  • CSS Fonts Level 3 - Font properties and dynamic font resource loading.
  • CSS Multi-column Layout - Multi-column layouts with CSS.
  • CSS Text Decoration Level 3 - Text decoration CSS features.
  • CSS Transforms - Change the position of content in 3D space without disrupting the normal flow using CSS.
  • CSS Transitions - Enables property changes in CSS values over time.
  • HTML Canvas 2D Context - An API for 2D immediate mode graphics.
  • HTML5 Audio/Video - Audio and Video support without plugins.
  • Media Queries Level 3 - CSS media features for adapting the same content to different output devices and screens.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 - An XML markup language for 2D vector graphics.

Application template

We're providing a simple enyo based application template which can be used for a quick start. The repository is on github and can be found here https://github.com/webOS-ports/webos-ports-template. To start with development simply download the latest release and start developing your own application!