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HP released the webOS 3.0.5 LunaSysMgr component to open source back in late June 2012 and worked with WebOS Internals to put together the WebOS Ports team to guide development of the webOS Community Edition project (WOCE).

LunaCE is are the modifications that have been done to the code of LunaSysMgr that HP released. It adds the following features:


Feature/Fix Version Table

Feature/Fix Description Committer Available from version
Feature App Switching Gestures EricBlade 4.0.0
Feature Slide Gestures ShiftyAxel 4.0.0
Feature Status Bar Slide Trigger ShiftyAxel 4.0.0
Feature Lower Minimum Brightness ShiftyAxel 4.0.0
Feature Status Bar Search Icon ShiftyAxel 4.0.0
Feature Status Bar Version String ShiftyAxel 4.0.0
Fix PIN Check pc-world 4.0.0
Fix lunaAnimations code cleanup ShiftyAxel 4.0.0
Fix Doxygen Documentation tyrok 4.0.0
Fix Eliminated drag snap in Card View ShiftyAxel 4.0.0
Fix Catch gestures on screen border ShiftyAxel 4.0.0
Fix Relative width calculation for Just Type bar ShiftyAxel 4.0.0
Fix Relative calculation for Quicklaunch layout ShiftyAxel 4.0.0
Feature Infinite Card Cycling dukiedrew 4.1.0
Feature Card Stack Tabs dukiedrew 4.1.0
Feature Maximize Edge Cards sandgorgon 4.1.0
Fix Text Field Blanking ShiftyAxel 4.2.0
Feature lunaAnimations Update ShiftyAxel 4.3.1
Feature Fluid Gestures ShiftyAxel 4.3.1
Fix Keyboard Mode Switching ShiftyAxel 4.3.5
Feature Dynamic Dashboard Height API ShiftyAxel 4.4.0
Fix Multi-Letter Keys mansandersson 4.4.1
Feature Additional Keyboard Layouts mansandersson 4.5.0
Fix PalmSystem Encryption pc-world 4.5.0
Feature Custom Carrier String garrett92c 4.6.0
Feature Stack Spread Gestures ShiftyAxel 4.7.0
Feature Mini Cards ShiftyAxel 4.7.5
Feature Card Zoom Gestures ShiftyAxel 4.8.0
Feature Wave Launcher ??? 4.9.0

Feature Description

Wave Launcher

The Wave Launcher is back from webOS 2.x.

Activate it with an upwards slide on the left or right hand size of the screen:

Wave Gesture

Mini Cards

The Mini Cards are back from webOS 1.x

Activate by tapping on the wallpaper while in card view:

Mini Cards

Card Zoom Gestures

The Mini Card zoom factor can be set manually with a pinch-to-zoom gesture whilst in card view:

Zoom Gesture

Stack Spread Gestures

Stacks can be spread with a two-finger gesture whilst in card view:

Spread Gesture

Infinite Card Cycling

You can now scroll off the end of card view and cycle back around to the other side:

Infinite Cards Out
Infinite Cards In

Tap-to-Maximize Edge Cards

You can now maximize the left/right onscreen cards whilst in card view:

Tap on an edge card
and it Maximizes

Fluid Gestures

Cards will animate smoothly under the user's finger during the app switch and minimize gestures when using this mode:

Fluid Sideswipe
Fluid Upswipe

Device Name as Carrier Text/Custom Carrier String

You can now specify your own carrier string, or use the Device Name from Device Info:

Custom Carrier String

Virtual Trackball

The Virtual Keyboard now has a trackball for moving the cursor, which can also select text if Shift is held down.

Virtual Trackball

Keyboard Shortcuts

LunaCE introduces new keyboard shortcuts for it's features using the meta key (Win/Cmd/Card):

Meta + Up: Minimize current card, show launcher while minimized.

Meta + Down: Maximize current card.

Meta + Left/Right: Switch between open cards.

Meta + Tab: Cycle through cards, activate Tabbed Cards if enabled.

Feature Freeze

As of LunaCE 4.9.5 we are doing a 'feature freeze' until we have a stable release. We will be working on fixing bugs and stabilizing LunaCE.

New Branch Layout

The LunaCE Github branch layout and it's relation to Preware is being updated. The new layout is as follows:

alpha - Used for development of new features, the alpha package in Preware will be updated on a per-commit basis for testing.

beta - Used for bugfixing of new features added to alpha, the beta Preware package will be updated on a per-tag basis for testing stable release candidates.

When the current beta branch is ready for release to the stable feeds, the Preware package will be updated manually from the latest commit.

Pull Requests

Any pull requests for new features need to be against the alpha branch, fixes should be against the beta branch.