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These lexicons exist so English terminology is translated consistently. Lexicons should focus on common noun phrases and verb phrases used throughout LuneOS.

Update lexicons with new terms as needed.

German Lexicon

Spanish Lexicon


Specific phrases belong in the localization files, which are part of the repositories on GitHub. Link to them from this section.

JavaScript Localization

The recommended I18N library for Enyo apps is enyo-ilib: Documentation for iLib itself is at

As you work on apps, wrap every UI string in $L(). Enyo defines it as a no-op, so it's safe to use, even before enyo-ilib is added to the app. enyo-ilib aliases it to the localization function.

Do *not* concatenate strings with parameters. Use enyo.macroize Example:

enyo.macroize($L('Found {$num} items.'), {num: 42});

C/C++ Localization