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Status clarifications

Status Meaning
OK Works fine
Partial Works partially but is stable
Unstable Crashes / freezes / glitches
KO Not working, like previously
REG Not working, but has been known to work
N/A Not Applicable/Not Available
? Not tested / Don’t remember
Category Step tenderloin tissot qemux86-64 comment
Build date 2019-apr-05 2019-apr-05 2019-apr-20
Flash/Sideload Installation OK OK OK
Boot LuneOS logo shows up OK Partial OK Tissot : OK on second boot 
FirstUse app Content shows up OK OK KO
Widgets have LuneOS theme OK OK ?
Wifi selection works Partial Partial ? Status isn’t updated while connecting
"Normal" UI after firstuse is ened OK OK ?
Virtual keyboard Shows up on focus OK OK N/A
Disappears when focus lost OK OK N/A
Language switch OK OK N/A
Additional keys on long-press touch OK OK N/A
Suggestions ? KO N/A
WiFi Selection in system menu Partial Partial ? Fails to connect if already connected to another network
Selection in preferences app Partial Partial ? Fails to connect if already connected to another network
On/Off switch OK OK ?
Indicator OK OK ?
Keeps configuration between reboots OK OK ?
Bluetooth Selection in system menu N/A N/A ? Should it be possible ?
Selection in preferences app KO ? ? List shows up fine, coupling not tested
On/Off switch KO OK ?
Indicator KO OK ?
Keeps configuration between reboots KO OK ?
Backlight On/Off switch with Power key OK OK ?
Rotation lock in system menu ? OK ?
Gyroscope UI follows rotation OK OK N/A
Intensity with system menu Partial OK N/A Max intensity sometimes seems unreachable
Sound Boot startup sound REG OK OK Tenderloin : Sounds is back to working if forcing a .wav play with adb and paplay
Vol+/Vol- on-screen indicator OK OK N/A
Volume is actually adjusted REG OK N/A
Telephony SIM operator in status bar N/A ? N/A
GSM signal strength in status bar N/A OK N/A
Call a number N/A ? N/A
Receive a call N/A ? N/A
SMS Sens SMS N/A ? N/A
Receive SMS N/A ? N/A
Compositor Switch card view / maximized card OK OK ?
Card view : horizontal scroll OK OK ?
Discard card with swipe up OK OK ?
Stack cards OK OK ?
App name is shown when card maximized OK OK OK
Gesture Area Swipe up or tap to go to card view OK OK ?
Swipe left ( « back » ) OK OK ?
Swipe right to take screenshot OK OK ?
Testr GPS ? KO N/A No position found
Banners ? OK ?
Apps QML Apps (Browser, Phone apps) OK OK ?
Enyo Apps (Messages, Maps…) OK OK OK
JustType shows up and search works OK OK ?