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These are a collection of notes I have taken while QAing LuneOS.

  • I am unable to switch text fields with the keyboard open.
  • I am unable to select all text in a field.
  • I am unable to easily move around a text area, or place the cursor at the end.
  • Animations throughout the UI are slow -- dismissing a card, switching pages in the app drawer, etc are all very slow
  • I can't slide down from the top of the screen to display the menus
  • Notifications cause the currently opened card to jump around at the top. Resizing should be smoother.
  • Text throughout the UI is VERY small and hard to read, even with 20/15 vision.
  • The gesture area seems too large, especially compared to the size of the light bar. Perhaps 1/2 or 2/3 of the current size would be more reasonable. Later on, it resized back to maybe a bug somewhere here to track down.
  • The tabs on the app drawer are too small, vertically, and sometimes too large horizontally.
  • Default app icons should be organized better. Settings should be under Prefs.
  • Prefs should be renamed to Preferences.
  • Viewing an email opens a view that covers about 80% of the left of the screen. To the right of that, you can see the inbox.
  • Emails should be scaled better (see the note earlier about text in the UI being too small.) This should probably take account of the device DPI.
  • Images in some of my emails were not loading.
  • When I was viewing an email and the account synced, the email was closed, and I was kicked back to my inbox.
  • Swiping emails does not reveal what action is being performed on them. Eg, swiping an email in my inbox to the right or the left should reveal a label or some such that says "archive" or "delete".
  • After the email disappeared during the sync process, I can no longer open any other emails. Tapping them does nothing.
  • Launching the clock app took several seconds before the loading screen appeared. There was no immediate feedback that my action had any meaning.
  • The clock and alarm buttons in the clock app are very small. Again, this probably goes back to DPI scaling.
  • The calculator also took several seconds to show the loading screen. I wonder if there's some sort of a memory leak or resource issue?
  • The app drawer icon in the quick launch bar sits closer to the right side of the screen than the left most icon does to the left side of the screen.
  • There's no (easy?) way to log in to the Google Talk servers for chat.
  • The Just Type pill seems a few pixels too small, vertically. The text isn't eqidistant from the top and bottom. It should be expanded, some.
  • The maximum brightness seems to be intermittent. Sometimes it'll be bright, other times it'll be quite dim. The setting still says 100% the whole time, though.
  • The maps app has sizing issues all over the place. The settings are too wide for the screen. The text and icons, however, are more appropriately sized for the display than other elements elsewhere in the OS
  • After leaving my phone to charge for a while, the quick launch page labels are no longer visible.
  • Notifications (specifically email) do not span the full length of the screen. The label is there, but the gradient stops part way through.
  • I am unable to add icons to the quick launch bar.
  • When rearranging icons in the app drawer, it's not possible to scroll. I suspect that smaller borders around the icons would leave room to allow scrolling.
  • Apps installed from preware go into the default apps page, instead of the Downloads page.
  • The contacts app doesn't pull in my Google contacts, despite having set up the sync connector.
  • Some app cards display a white page (contacts, c+dav sync app) instead of a screenshot of the app.
  • The photos app doesn't display any of the built-in wallpapers.
  • Some apps (mail, etc) have low-resolution icons on the app launcher card.
  • Scrolling through the list of emails in my inbox is a poor experience. I can't flick to scroll, and it's slow.
  • There is no wave launcher.