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{{{{{function}}} |link_kind={{{link_kind}}} |device_name=Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi, 2012 version) |device_codename=Grouper |device_vendor=asus |device_vendor_longname=Google |device_recovery_install_method=fastboot |device_manufacturer=Asus |device_wop_versions_supported=1.0 Alpha 1,1.0 Alpha 2,Café Bombón,Café Cubano,Caffè crema,Café de olla,Caffè latte,Caffè Marocchino,Caffè Medici,Café miel,Coffee milk,Café mocha,Caffè Tobio,Café Touba,Cafe Zorro,Ca phe sua da,Cappuccino,Chai Latte,Cold Brew |device_last_wop_branch_supported=ColdBrew |device_aka= |device_notes=The first tablet from Google, the Nexus 7 is unlockable by the user and is available in 16GB and 32GB sizes (previously, there was also a 8GB version available). The price of $199 for the smallest variant was a big advantage, also having the strong NVIDA Tegra 3 quad-core processor and the 416 MHz twelve-core GPU in mind.Please note that you need to have Android 4.2.2 (exactly) on your Nexus 7 in order to be able to use LuneOS ! The image can be downloaded from https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images |device_release_date= |device_carrier= |device_recovery_boot_steps=Hold Volume Up, Volume Down, & the Power button. Continue to hold all three until the screen flashes, then release all buttons. |device_bootloader_boot_steps= |device_fastboot_boot_steps= |device_image=grouper.png |device_soc=NVIDIA Tegra 3 |device_cpu=Cortex A9 |device_cpu_frequency=1.3 GHz |device_cpu_cores=quad |device_ram=1GB |device_gpu=Nvidia GeForce ULP |device_type=Tablet |device_weight=340 g (12 oz) |device_dimensions=198.5 mm (7.81 in) (h)
120 mm (4.7 in) (w)
10.56 mm (0.416 in) (d) |device_screen_dimension=178 mm (7.0 in) |device_screen_resolution=1280×800 (WXGA) |device_screen_density=213 ppi |device_screen_technology=IPS LCD |device_internal_storage=(8GB or) 16GB or 32GB |device_sdcard=none |device_bluetooth=3.0 |device_wifi=802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz |device_gsm_frequency= |device_cdma_frequency= |device_wimax_frequency= |device_4g_frequency= |device_primary_camera=1.2MP |device_primary_camera_flash= |device_secondary_camera= |device_peripherals=accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, digital compass, GPS, magnometer, microphone, NFC |device_is_nexus_device=y |device_oem_unlock_command= |device_local_manifest= |device_kernel_override= |device_sound= |device_wop_forum= |device_irc_channel=#nexus7 |device_power= |device_maintainers= |device_contributors= |device_additional_info=

Stock Firmware

|install_samsung_recoverytype= |install_md5sum=686f101f1cd753813dafa6497192a512 |install_devname=koush |install_file=http://download2.clockworkmod.com/recoveries/recovery-clockwork- |device_download_mode_steps= |device_hboot= |device_htcunlock= |device_sonyunlock= |device_motounlock= }}