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Unlocking the device (bootloader)

First, the bootloader must be unlocked.

  1. Download and install the Android SDK for your platform from here: Android SDK
  2. Open a Terminal and: cd to <sdk>/tools/
  3. Run: ./android to start the Android SDK Manager
  4. Use it to install the latest version of 'Android SDK Platform-tools'
  5. Close the Android SDK Manager
  6. In your Terminal window,: cd to <sdk>/platform-tools/
  7. Power off the {{{device_name}}} and activate the bootloader ({{{device_recovery_boot_steps}}})
  8. Connect it via USB
  9. In your Terminal window, run: ./fastboot devices
  10. If your device shows up, proceed to the next step. Otherwise, follow the instructions in this thread
  11. In your Terminal window, run: ./fastboot oem unlock
  12. A warning will appear on your {{{device_name}}}, prompting you to unlock your bootloader.
  13. Use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to navigate and the Power button to confirm your selection.
  14. Reboot Device