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Installing LuneOS Template Improvement Suggestions

(I installed LuneOS onto a Nexus 4 with a Macbook. My suggestions are based on using that specific tutorial.) Install LuneOS for Mako

1. The first step is to make sure 4.2.2 is installed onto the N4. I tried to follow the provided link, however, I was unable to get the Android Studio to work on my Macbook. I found a guide that helped me download the proper tools and told me how to flash 4.2.2 onto the N4. This guide is probable a good idea to link for all of our users, not jus the Macbook ones. Guide to Flash 4.2.2 onto N4

2. The command line commands shown on the template do not apply for macs. It should be noted that macs commands should change from fastboot to ./fastboot-mac and adb to ./adb-mac

3. I think there should be a section dedicated to the proper way to update LuneOS. I followed the section "Installing LuneOS from recovery" to flash the newest image onto my N4 but I don't know if that is the suggested way of going about it.