Luna Next Remote WebApplication Debugging

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It's very easily to remote debug web applications with luna-next. WebKit/WebEngine/Chromium provides a powerful tool for this: The WebInspector

How to use the WebInspector

  • flash your target device with a recent version of the luneos-dev-image-<modelname> (rather than luneos-image-<modelname>)
  • start your app
  • for debugging on a real device you need now to configured a port forwarding through adb on your development machine with (the WebInspector is available on localhost:1122 on the target device
 adb forward tcp:1122 tcp:1122
  • now you can point your favourite web browser to localhost:1122 on your development machine to debug the web application

Web App in Browser

Remote debugging is not yet available for web apps in the browser. However, the JavaScript console log is available from the LuneOS command line:

journalctl -a -f | grep "CONSOLE JS"