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Google Galaxy Nexus (GSM)


The Galaxy Nexus (GSM) (Maguro) is a touchscreen smartphone manufactured by Samsung with direct support from Google. It is the third Nexus device.

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Source Repositories:

Galaxy Nexus (GSM) Specifications
Codename: Maguro
Vendor: Google
Manufacturer: Samsung
Release Date: 2011 November 17 (UK)
2011 December 8 (CANADA)
Type: Phone
GSM freq: 850 900 1800 1900 MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE
3G/HSDPA(+) freq: 850 900 1700 1900 2100 MHz UMTS/HSPA+
Platform: TI OMAP4460
CPU: 1.2 GHz Dual-core TI OMAP4
GPU: PowerVR SGX540
Weight: 135 g (4.8 oz)
Dimensions: 136 mm (5.3 in) (h)
68 mm (2.67 in) (w)
9 mm (0.352 in) (d)
Screen dimension: 119 mm (4.7 in)
Resolution: 1280x720
Screen Density: 316 ppi
Screen Technology: Super AMOLED
Internal Storage: 16GB
SD Card: None
Bluetooth: 3.0+HS
Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n
Main camera: 5MP, flash: LED
Secondary camera: 1.3MP
Power: 1750 mAh internal rechargeable removable lithium-ion battery
Peripherals: A-GPS, MHL, NFC, capacitive touchscreen, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, barometer, digital compass, proximity & light sensors, dual microphones
LuneOS Support: 1.0 Alpha 1,1.0 Alpha 2,Affogato,Antoccino,Caffè Marocchino,Caffè Medici,Café miel,Coffee milk,Café mocha,Caffè Tobio,Café Touba,Cafe Zorro,Ca phe sua da,Cappuccino,Chai Latte,Cold Brew
Latest LuneOS version: ColdBrew
Device TBD
Kernel TBD

How to boot into recovery mode

Volume Up, Volume Down & Power to boot into fastboot mode. While at the fastboot screen, use Volume Up or Volume Down to select Recovery mode, then press Power to confirm your selection.

How to boot into fastboot

Volume Up, Volume Down & Power

Find help online

You may find assistance with the Galaxy Nexus (GSM) on our IRC Channel on the Freenode Network. #webos-ports.

Additional Info / Downloads

Files are provided for archival purposes and are not supported by LuneOS.


Provided & hosted by CyanogenMod:

  • UGKL1
    md5: a37f2a15b2b3a9dec0b803ca5e54b80b
  • UGLA4
    md5: 444f902cb96cec71fd87e900a2add077
  • UGLC1
    md5: 856d3a873a6d470e47a40226e653d599
  • UKKK7
    md5: daba551b03f57aec77560a8818ceba6f
  • XXKK1
    md5: 15d6bd69920a64e4acf3279271e73648
  • XXKK6
    md5: 03a3f5dc8908c65236dcbf75e2587712
  • XXKL1
    md5: 1a9baff95cc19ca69855d25346ca02d8
  • XXLA2
    md5: d27b18407ef7d74cc899c37a1a75ee72
  • XXLF1
    md5: a51c8b814b996ecf120e1af1fe2c6870
  • [XXLJ1]
    md5: Included in v4.2.2 stock firmware

Stock Firmware

Provided & hosted by Google:



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