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Raspberry Pi Foundation Raspberry Pi 2

Get LuneOS for the Raspberry Pi 2

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When your download has finished, see How to install LuneOS on the Raspberry Pi 2.

Or build LuneOS yourself

See How to Build LuneOS for the Raspberry Pi 2 .

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Raspberry Pi 2 Specifications
Codename: RaspberryPi2
Vendor: Raspberry Pi Foundation
Release Date: February 2015
Type: SBC
Platform: BCM 2836
CPU: 900 MHz Quad-core BCM2836
RAM: 1GB (Shared with GPU)
Screen dimension: 177 mm (7 in)
Resolution: 800x480
Screen Density: 133 ppi
Screen Technology: LED-backlit LCD
SD Card: Up to 64GB
Bluetooth: Requires Adapter
Wi-Fi: Requires Adapter
Main camera: None, flash: None
Peripherals: 3.5 mm, 4x USB 2.0, 10 point multi-touch capacitive touchscreen
LuneOS Support: Coffee milkChai Latte,Cold Brew,Cortado,Decaf,Doppio,Eggnog Latte
Latest LuneOS version: eggnoglatte
Device TBD
Kernel TBD

Find help online

You may find assistance with the Raspberry Pi 2 on our IRC Channel on the Freenode Network. #webos-ports.

Edit the RaspberryPi2 device template

This wiki has a "master" device template for adjusting settings pertaining specifically to the Raspberry Pi 2 (learn more).
To change these master settings, edit the wiki device template at Template:device_RaspberryPi2.

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