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Equus Quagga is the latin name for Zebra's. I just happen to like Zebra's. Not the horse, just the stripes.


I own a touchpad 32 GB and altough Adroid is installed I rarely switch from webOS. I like webOS since the first anouncement by Palm. I was realy happy with my palm-TX back then. It then took me years to get my hand on a webOS device here in the Netherlands.

The best part for me is that I am able to write native apps that look good and respond well. I haven't got anything finished yet since I'm still discovering all the possibilities.

Current Project's;

Chinese Birth Calendar: A rather useless app that can determine the gender of your unborn child by comparing the birth date of the mother and the child with an ancient Chinese matrix. The results are acually far above 50% right. All my own three children were predicted correctly. Framework: Enyo 2.0 Version: 2.0.4 Status: 80% done. Once my website is online I'll post the ipk for everyone to use and abuse.

Logo entry Luna CE;

EQ lunaCE 128x128.png EQ lunaCE 640x250.png