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==Officially-supported CyanogenMod devices == <!--T:1-->
Officially-supported WebOS Ports devices<!--T:1-->

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Officially-supported WebOS Ports devices

Helpful Tip

Choose a filter criteria (i.e., select from the vendor options) to view the specified devices.

Maguro Google Galaxy Nexus (GSM) Maguro Mako Google Nexus 4 Mako Hammerhead Google Nexus 5 Hammerhead Grouper Google Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi, 2012 version) Grouper Mido Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Mido Rosy Xiaomi Redmi 5 Rosy Tenderloin Hewlett Packard Touchpad Tenderloin Tissot Xiaomi A1 Tissot qemux86 WebOS Ports LuneOS VirtualBox Emulator qemux86 RaspberryPi2 Raspberry Pi Foundation Raspberry Pi 2 RaspberryPi2 RaspberryPi3 Raspberry Pi Foundation Raspberry Pi 3 RaspberryPi3 Pinephone Pine64 Pinephone Pinephone

No devices have been selected. Change the filters above to see the results here! Remember to select the appropriate vendor. If you are uncertain about the name of the vendor, select show all devices.

Unofficial ports & projects

Don't see your device in the list above?

CyanogenMod is an open source project and many are encouraged to port to various devices. Many of these for one reason or another are not yet "officially recognized" (and do not have official builds), but it may be good to know they exist.

The list of unofficially-ported devices

Add a new official device to the wiki

Select [Expand] to the right for instructions.

Add a device to the wiki


In following these steps, replace CODENAME with the codename for the device.

1. Set up the device template

The device template is the "universal settings" template, one per device. Copy the generic device template, then paste it into a new page with following template name:
(Example: Template:device_grouper for the Nexus 7 tablet.)
Then edit the form, filling in as many fields as you are able, and save the new template you have created. (EDIT THE NEW TEMPLATE FOR YOUR DEVICE. DO NOT EDIT THE GENERIC BLANK ITSELF!)

2. Add it to the list

Next, view the source of this template and find the following appropriate place for your device to appear in the list. Then add the following line to the list of devices:
Then reload the page. You should now see a link where you added the line.

3. Create the device Info page

Click on the generated (red) link for the device. It should take you to the following empty "info" page:
In this page, simply insert the following single line of content:

4. Create the device How To Install page

From the device Info page created in the previous step, on the (red) auto-generated link for the device installation instructions. It should take you to the following empty "How To Install" page:
In this page, simply insert the following single line of content:
Save the page. You now should see an auto-generated installation walkthrough page for the device.

5. Create the device Build Walkthrough page

Next, to auto-generate a CM build guide for this device, scroll to the bottom where it links (in red) to the Build Walkthrough for the device. It should take you to an empty "build for" page:
In this page, simple insert the following single line of content:

That's it!